Kodak BW400CN

---/HEL 12:55pm, 16 January 2008


C-41 process / 35 mm format / taken with Minolta 7000i.
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Dr. Loveless

Lamp Post

C41 Process - Nikon EM
brief coach [deleted] 10 years ago

C41 Process Nikon F3 105mm f/2,8 pushed to ASA 800
Justin Moraczewski 10 years ago


: C41 : Nikon F100 :
Daniele Pollice 10 years ago
Church (Stockholm-Swe)

C41 process; Canon Eos 3000n; Zenitar 16mm f 2.8
bewildered exchange [deleted] 10 years ago

c41 - shot with vivitar ultra wide and slim
ChiDN PRO 10 years ago
An Institution
C41 - Contax 139Q Carl Zeiss Planar 1.4 T*

435 W. Diversey Parkway (could ya tell?)
C41 - Contax 139Q Carl Zeiss Planar 1.4 T*
Here's a couple. I haven't shot this film in awhile, but it has a nice look to it. "Real" black and white is just more fun because I can develop and print it myself!

House Sparrow

Mindowaskin Park
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C41, Zeiss Contaflex Super, 50mm Pro-Tessar lens
kuyman 10 years ago
I always thought this film was a little flat, but some of your images have been beautiful contrasty things! I think I may have to get some of this for my birthday and burn it up in my Minolta SRT 101.
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