The Dalai Lomo PRO 6:34am, 15 January 2008

HWY 76

Fujichrome Sensia 100 (35mm film)
All X-pro
Camera: Holga 135BC
MrDAT 11 years ago
DId you XPRO that in C-41?
The Dalai Lomo PRO 11 years ago
I think so. I gave it to the lab and told them I want it cross processed.
inetjoker PRO 11 years ago
What did you rate it at? I have a ton of that in the freezer ans though I love it just as is I think a roll Cross processed would be fun also I have about 50 rolls of 400 in the same freezer.
¤ Machiavellian »» 11 years ago
wah donate some :)
The Dalai Lomo PRO 11 years ago
It's alright. Most of the pictures are very grainy. A few of them turn out really good, good contrast. Some of them have too much purple tint. I'm thinking of using the same film with the same camera and NOT have it cross process to see which result is better.
A question, if I get a SLIDE film process normally, is it printable from the lab or they can only give me the developed film (positive) and I have to scan it my self? Im very new to using SLIDE films.
inetjoker PRO 11 years ago
I get a CD with my slides or I scan them myself. most of the time both.
Did you rate the film at 200? that is what I did last time I xproed some slide film 1 stop faster.
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