Daily Limits

dbram 7:25pm, 6 January 2008
you might want to consider a daily posting limit
juanluisgarcia 10 years ago
i'm not a fan of upload limits but i do see their validity in certain groups
The Dalai Lomo PRO 10 years ago
dbram thanks for the input. I just set the limit to 3 photos per day. I hope that ok with everyone.
dbram 10 years ago
Fine with me.

When I see 40 in one day by the same photographer, I get a little turned off.

But you are the admin, and it's up to you.
SacrificedSon 10 years ago
Well, I use to scan my photos from time to time only, so I'd prefer a monthly posting limit. But three a day is fine with me as well.
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