fretful fnord [deleted] 4:32pm, 2 January 2008
Hello, i have recently started to scan my negatives and I was wondering if any one knew if there was any difference in colour negative film or colour slide film when scanned - if so which would produce results closer to what you see when you took the picture.

At the moment i use;

Colour - afga HDCplus, and take it to my local lab to be processed.

B&W - ilford HP5/FP4 (Developed in ID-11 at home)

thank you in advance for you help.

P.S sorry if this is a dumb question, but this seemed like the best place to start my research.
This Is The Sea 10 years ago
Both produce images you can use. Most scanners can automatically detect which you are using to make life easy. Slides have a reduced dynamic range, then it comes down to individual films...
SacrificedSon 10 years ago
I rather think that I've read about slides having an even higher dynamic range than negatives (and also a smaller exposure tolerance) - but I just use negs anyway.
fretful fnord [deleted] 10 years ago
Hmm, from what I can gather slide films are less forgiving when it comes to exposure. But it has more accurate colour reproduction and high saturation than negative film.

I've brought some slide film, so I will shoot it and see what I get.

Thanks for the help.
Cassie Clarke 10 years ago
I find that when I scan bw and slide I get better results instantly.
With negative film I get more colour casts / dust showing up.
It would depend a lot on your scanner too.
grozathia 10 years ago
I've found that the best way to scan negatives is to use a tape that doesn't leave a residue and tape the negatives directly to the scanner bed. This yields better contrast and a sharper scan.
pompey55blue 10 years ago
I have had good results with Pan F but only when the subject shot is in good light.

The definition is every bit as good as high end digital.
F a b i o 10 years ago
I'm about to take my first roll of slides to develop, if I choose develop only will I be able to scan using the negatives adaptor in my flatbed scanner, or should I choose develop and mount to use the slide adaptor? does it make any difference?
inetjoker PRO 10 years ago
Have it developed and cut into strips that fit your scanner or get them uncut and cut them yourself. tell them Do not Mount.

F a b i o 10 years ago
thanks Larry, I'm pretty sure that if I go for the cheaper option (develop only) they will cut like negatives and don't mount.

so it works fine if I scan like negatives...?
my scanner can do both, the adaptor has two sides one for slides and one for negatives.
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