RD Crisp Photography 3:11pm, 15 March 2012
Hey guys,

Firstly, I don't mean to cause any offence with this post. Apologies if it stirs any animosity towards me, that is certainly not the intent :(

I was hoping, as a fellow group and Flickr member, that I could steal a couple of seconds of your time. I am currently in serious contention to win a dream trip to Canada in a competition ran by Crescent Spur Heliskiing. However, I am lagging behind in second place and was hoping I could persuade my Flickr brothers and sisters to unite as one and help a fellow member win the top prize! (sorry for the corny bit, but I'm trying to stir passion!) :) or even just check out the comp and vote on the one you see as the best. Sadly, the competition has moved well away from a photography based thing, to that of a popularity contest, hence why I am asking and pleading on here.

If you would be so kind as to vote on my image (of course, feel free to peruse the challengers) it would mean a great deal to me and my fiancee. In fact, who 'am I kidding? It would make the PERFECT start to our wedding gift list and married life this May!!!

All you have to do is click the link provided here then click Vote (the thumbs up icon - please don't just click Like as many people have done, this does not count) and the number should rise almost immediately. There is absolutely no spamming involved, I just need each and every little vote I can muster and thought there would be nowhere better than here to help me. The only slight catch is you have to have a Facebook account for the company to acknowledge you are a real person and not just one guy moving from one CyberCafe to another totting up votes. If you don't have Facebook, then fine, no worries, I understand. However, if you don't have Facebook but know someone that does... then beat them, bribe them, do whatever it takes to get a vote registered... haha.

Seriously guys, apologies for the plug, I have never done anything,like this before but I have helped out when I have seen similar stuff and this prize... well, just imagine your dream holiday, for FREE... you just need your Flickr buddies to help by taking less than five seconds and clicking vote :)


Thank you so much. I really appreciate your time, but will do back flips for your votes :0... and may even upload the tragic results ;)

All the best people and I hope this plea finds you well :)

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