KL Shutterbug PRO 3:49am, 11 December 2009
Thought it would be neat to see the very first image in everyone's Photostream. Please post your image in either a small or medium size. After you post, please take the time to comment on at least 2 other images in the thread.

Have fun!

Here's the very first image in my stream (I'll be back to post comments as the thread grows).

The Wonder Bread Factory/Hostess Cake Bakery
tikamidnight 9 years ago
tikamidnight 9 years ago
I take a lot of pics of old buildings like that but have never seen one that still had such bright lettering. Makes you wonder what the inside looks like?
Apples and Tangerines 9 years ago

Back when I didn't really know what I was doing..
Apples and Tangerines 9 years ago
Also, this is a cool idea.
Tikamidnight- I like that. It makes my nose and fingers feel cold.
upandcoming- I like how it's missing an"s" and the really crummy windows are awesome.
Subtle Emotions 9 years ago
Here is mine :)

Abstract art... by Subtle Emotions
_Savage Photography 9 years ago
Jenna and the Crackhouse by _Savage Photography
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