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Hairlover PRO 9:11pm, 25 November 2008
Sometimes, I approve more than three hundred photos a day. These, for the larger part, vary from the charming and adorable to the humorous and entertaining.

Sadly, however, I find it necessary to deny a few photos every day. Despite what you may think otherwise, I really don't enjoy rejecting an image that someone has taken the time to select and send to our group.

Reasons for rejection: Please observe the name of our group: ALL CATS -- NO PEOPLE.

Reason One: "ALL CATS": I must reject
(1) Stuffed cats, such as toys and museum exhibits. Please, only living cats.
(2) Paintings, drawings, statuary, shadows, paw prints. Please, only photos of living cats.
(3) Photos with no cats whatsoever. Please, only living cats.
(4) Dead cats. Please, only living cats. (Do you see a pattern here?)
(5) Large and wild cats, tigers, lynxes, lions, cheetahs, and the like, whether in the wild or in a zoo. These are magnificent animals and deserving of a group in their own right. However, this is a group for domestic house cats only.
(6) Excessive image editing ("Photoshopping") that so distorts and obscures the image that a cat is hardly discernible.
(7) In-camera manipulations, such as so badly focused that the object is no longer obviously a real, living cat.
(8): "Artistic creations": All Cats--No People is a photo-sharing group for people who have and love living cats as companions. They enjoy seeing real cats. This is NOT a photo gallery featuring artistic contributions. Flickr has hundreds of groups that highlight photographic expertise and artistic expression. All Cats--No People is not one of them.
(9) Any cat employed for commercial purposes, to advertise an online store or website. That's not a group rule, that's a Flickr rule!
"Don’t use Flickr for commercial purposes.
"Flickr is for personal use only. If we find you selling products, services, or yourself through your photostream, we will terminate your account. Any other commercial use of Flickr, Flickr technologies (including APIs, FlickrMail, etc), or Flickr accounts must be approved by Flickr."
---(Copied from Flickr Community Guidelines)

(10) Any photo of which you are not the owner. Images found on the Web and uploaded to Flickr can get you deleted without warning:
"Don’t upload anything that isn't yours.
This includes other people's photos, video and/or stuff you've collected from around the Internet. Accounts that consist primarily of such collections may be terminated at any time."
---(Copied from Flickr Community Guidelines)

Reason Two: "NO PEOPLE"
"NO PEOPLE" means "NO PEOPLE." I can't make this any simpler. No People means no people, no faces, arms, legs, hands, feet, fingers, toes, or any part of any human body. A shoe in the photo is okay as long as the shoe is empty, etc.

Incidental photos, statuary, television images in the background, etc, need not disqualify an image; I address these on a case-by-case basis. If a part of the photo clearly depicts some part of a living breathing human in the frame, I must deny it. If I see something that is suspicious ("Is that a leg or a pillow?") but is not obviously human, I tend to give the submitter the benefit of the doubt.

Cat photos that include dolls, toys, articles of clothing, etc., are acceptable. Photos that include other animals are okay as long as at least one cat is clearly visible.

Photos of aged and disabled cats are acceptable, of course. Photos of cats with obvious injuries or illness should be accompanied by a brief description of the circumstances surrounding the injury or illness. Bloody and severely maimed cats will be denied.

On an unrelated matter
, please remember that your photo may not appear immediately after you add it to the pool. Instead, your submission goes into a pending queue, where an admin or mod first checks it to make sure the image is suitable. Only then will he / she approve the photo, and only then will your photo appear in the pool. This process may require only a few seconds, but may take several hours, depending on when someone has an opportunity to check the queue.If you do not see your photo the next day, please feel free to Flickrmail me and I will look into the matter.
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angelfoster2000 9 years ago
makes sense!
mfoley25 9 years ago
Wes, this makes perfect sense!
Hairlover PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Hairlover (admin) 9 years ago
Thanks, Amanda and Margot! You wouldn't believe how many photos I've had to deny because the "cat" was only a sign, a paper cutout or a wooden or plastic toy. By far the worst were three grisly photos of a cat that either had been beaten to death or run over in the street. You guys get to see only the filtered and refined product; I have to wade through garbage (if not gore) every day!
Warri-R-Girl(Kiddo) 9 years ago
Ugh, that's gross! Who could even look at a dead/ bloody/ maimed cat, let alone take a picture of it, let alone send it in to the group pool?!?!?!?
angelamermaid 9 years ago
Hairlover, thank you for keeping the disturbing images out of this group. I'm sorry you have to see them.
Hairlover PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Hairlover (admin) 9 years ago
On September 30, three gruesome images appeared in the pending queue. I denied them, of course, then banned the owner from the group. He had joined just a few minutes previously, doing so for only one purpose, posting those bloody pictures to a cat-lovers group.

Over the last few months, I have denied several similar photos, distressing but less grisly.

My greatest difficulty that day was not with All Cats--No People, seeing that our pending queue provides a firewall against rogue posters. Rather, I did a reverse search. Using the poster's profile, I checked his other cat groups, and found that he had posted his gory photos to three other cat-fancier groups. One of them removed the photos after a few minutes. Two others left the images in place for several hours.

Finally, after failing to attract the attention of the group admins, I complained to Flickr staff, who terminated the account in less than an hour after receiving my message and, with it, the offensive photos.

I know that many group members saw them, but could do nothing about them. I just hope that no children saw them. Those hideous images are still frozen in my mind.
TheMusicGirl 9 years ago
You should, truely, be a writer Wes.
This covers about everything.
Wow. I am impressed. Wonderfully said!
Hairlover PRO 9 years ago
Aw, shucks!
Damon Jeffery 9 years ago
i love cats, but i can understand how other people do not. This does not entitle those people who do not love cats to try to offend those who do. I cannot understand the nature of someone who would go out of their way to hurt or offend others in such a way.

When I first started reading his thread I initially thought that this sort of censorship was a bit over the top, now I see that it is truly necessary. I'm sorry that you have to put up with people who, for the best part are just horrible (I could have substituted horrible for a variety of less diplomatic words, but for obvious reasons chose not to!)

Cheers to you for doing everything in your power to make the world a better place!
Hairlover PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Hairlover (admin) 9 years ago
Thank you, Damon. Just this morning (11/28), a member submitted a photo of two cats, one of which, a kitten, had a severely injured and bulging eye. I denied it. The owner also has grisly photos of sick animals and roadkill in his photostream. I have not banned him from the group. After all,
(1) he has four photos in our pool that are acceptable
(2) he cannot add anything directly to the pool.
I will not ban him because of the photos he submits, but will do so only if his subsequent behavior warrants. He can add all the acceptable photos that he wishes.
SlowTrigger [deleted] 9 years ago
You know, there might be another side, although I agree that the photos might not fit here. A cat that has been run down by a car is a terrible thing to see, for me. I know that cat wanted to live, no matter its circumstances, and I hate to see one destroyed, possibly by someone who will laugh about it later as if it was an anonymous varmint. Maybe the person with those photos of dead animals is trying to remind others how many animals are destroyed every day. (Though I have to admit I've seen more of it than I want to see, and I would just as soon not be reminded when I come here to look at all the beautiful photos of cats.)
Hairlover PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Hairlover (admin) 9 years ago
The photos in question were horribly grisly, blood splattered on the ground, one eye dislodged from the skull, etc. Perhaps such images have a place in an adult group, or perhaps in a more clinical setting, but they were outrageously inappropriate for a group of cat lovers, especially when they were visible to children.

As if to augment the shock value, the owner used one single image but gave it three different color treatments, which made them all the more garish.
SlowTrigger [deleted] 9 years ago
That's pretty bad. No, that's really bad. I don't see how someone can look at that long enough to post process it. Forget I said anything, and whatever you choose to do with it is okay by me.
Hairlover PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Hairlover (admin) 9 years ago
Not at all, ST, I welcome your input, I really do, but this case was so extraordinary, so egregious, that I would have denied those ghastly images, no matter how honorable may have been the original intentions of the owner. They could not be justified by any rationale, whatsoever.
johnb/Derbys/UK 9 years ago
cant see a prob with those rules
Manuel_Casanova 9 years ago
I´m really glad you made the point perfect clear, specially because of the children that do see this group. As another member said, and like most think, we´re sorry you have to see those disturbing pictures.
Hairlover PRO 9 years ago
Just now, I had to deny a photo of a cat that had some sort of eye problem. It was bizarre, it didn't look as much like an injury as it did a congenital defect of some sort. I went through the member's other cat photos, found three others of the same cat, but the owner offered no explanation, even though at least one Flickr member asked concerning it. It was disturbing and a bit painful to see, so I denied it..

I know that cats have difficulties, injuries, illnesses and such, and even though these things are an expected part of living with cats, I don't want to see photos of them on a cat-lovers group.
JOHN2009- 9 years ago
Apologies - in too much of a rush as usual!!!

Try not to do same thing again.
Hairlover PRO 9 years ago
No harm done.
abaesel PRO 9 years ago
got it! alive domestic cats with NO people. always seemed simple to me...sorry for you that it hasn't always been clear for everyone. Hope your very clever reminder helps in your duties. thanks for all the hard work.
♥ Robin ♥ 9 years ago
Got it.... cats....living, breathing, non-human. Just the way I happen to like 'em. :D
Stimpy Rah 9 years ago
Oh this sounds perfect - i left a cat group last year after seeing very disturbing images and drivel as the originators comments accompanying them. I got on my soapbox and complained to admins etc and got an absolute ear full of obuse form the originator of the dreadful, ghoulish hideous pictures - he really delighted in his work. I left the group - obviously but the thoughts and anger still get me going!! I will enjoy being part of this cat lovers haven and sharing with you some of the treasures of the feline world.
Thanks and hello to everyone...
Hairlover PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Hairlover (admin) 9 years ago
We're very pleased to have you join us, Laura!

I have tried, but I simply cannot understand how anyone can find dead and mutilated animals fascinating. Unbelievably, there are several groups on Flick that post only images of animals, both wild and domestic, amid blood and gore. If a few people revel in carnage and death, at least none of their contributions will find its way into our group. Recently, I denied a photo of a stray cat with an eye injury or illness of some sort. Were the owner able to provide an "after" photo of the cat, healed, following veterinary treatment, etc., I might have include it.

Again, welcome! And thank you for these beautiful photos!
HappyPlatypus 9 years ago
Hey, Wes --

Bless you for your kind and wise guidance. I've been away for a while due to illness, but I"m back and excited to look at all the kitties in your wonderful group. Thank you for making it safe for us; I know it's hard. I still have nightmares because I did a search on "cute cat videos" on Google last year and came up with a horrible evil mean one.

anyway, I love this group!

fastfeetnella 9 years ago
Seems like pretty straight forward rules to me.
iluvnightmare 9 years ago
Thankyou for making Nightmare welcome in this photo pool.
Hairlover PRO 9 years ago
Thanks, Guys, and you're welcome!
missgvs 9 years ago
Does it ever make you wonder what is wrong with some people? It is truly unbelieveable to me that some people would actually submit photo's of this nature to a cat lovers group! Shock value I guess!
Hairlover PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Hairlover (admin) 9 years ago
It's the same sort of mentality that prompts some twisted individuals to become "flashers," exposing themselves in public; the issue isn't the display of a beautiful human form but merely shock and offense. In the case here, it's not done for the enjoyment of a beautiful animal but only for the thrill of disturbing others.
Moti Didi 9 years ago
Glad that you keep the nasty stuff out. I don't need to see it.
Unfortunately, there seem to be some folks around who are not very well. That's the kindest way that I can put it.
tatelsdeguzman 9 years ago
hope you accept the picture i submitted
Hairlover PRO 9 years ago
Your photo is wonderful. Thank you for sharing it with us!
JK x 9 years ago
Oops. Sorry Hairlover, I have to admit I didn't read the full rules about photoshopping, I did that on the camera itself by accident! And it made me laugh and freaked me out at the same time!

You've admitted the rest of my pics though, so apologies and thanks. I would hate to be the one reviewing the awful pics you've described, it's bad enough seeing poor wild animals on the roads every day.

Thanks again for doing a good job

Hairlover PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Hairlover (admin) 9 years ago
You're welcome, Jackie, and it's my pleasure! Thank you understanding the limits; they are not so much what I've determined but rather what I've inherited.

You have shared these photos with us and they are an adornment to our group.
Chapter Four 9 years ago
not only i agree, i also like the rules...
Hairlover PRO 9 years ago
Thanks, Tania. It's people like you who make my job so rewarding.
Canoecat PRO 9 years ago
So glad to be aboard! Thanks wuta for the invitation:) I'm a huge cat lover, and so glad to see that your rules are so respectful of these funny, gracious, loving creatures.
Hairlover PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Hairlover (admin) 9 years ago
Thank you for sharing this charming photo with us, Canoecat!

And thank you for the good word. Quite often, I have had to reject photos of bloody or dead cats, or cats that are clearly being mistreated in some way, such as being thrown into the air.

Notice this example, where I used Flickrmail to verify that a cat wasn't being abused, just to make a clever photo.

I want this group to be a haven for people who love cats, real, living cats that are loved and wanted, with the obvious (and sad) exception of feral cats.
victorious felines Posted 8 years ago. Edited by victorious felines (member) 8 years ago
The people who keep posting obscene photos of cats (and other animals) being (or having been) abused, mutilated, shot, tortured, killed on the road etc. are profoundly disturbed and often very dangerous - to other humans too, as well as to helpless animals. They get a sadistic, perverse pleasure from causing pain, and from imagining the pain of others. It has been shown, that these people are not infrequently psychopathic killers - or will often develop into such, at some later point.

Unfortunately, cats are frequently selected for this maltreatment and torture. Dogs are too, and rabbits, but there seems to be something about cats that attracts sadists to them. Sadly, in spite of their claws and teeth, there is very little a cat can do to protect itself against a determined abuser. Long before the invention of photography, cats were singled out for sadistic treatment; this is documented in old - even very old - engravings, drawings and paintings.

Whilst I am only too well aware that they exist, I do not want to be subjected to the jolt of horror I feel when viewing such an image, whilst looking at a pool of cat photos. Therefore, thank you for the "ghastly" editing job that you do.

Hairlover PRO 8 years ago
Thanks, Anna.
mattt! 8 years ago
all i have to say is,
thank for moderating this awesome group.
my shots aren't that special,
but awesome group.
Hairlover PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Hairlover (admin) 8 years ago
Thanks, Matt!

BTW, this photo is my favorite of the lot!

This one is so adorable, I wish you'd consider entering it in our Alphabet Game after a few more entries have been posted.
psychoticadvisor 8 years ago
I was so sad to read of the submissions from sick people, Wes. I take pictures of all kinds of things, including bugs, and if they are in places where there is foot traffic, or other spots that seem unsafe for insect life, I relocate them to grassy or garden areas if I can. (I call that my Federal Insect Protection Program). I know that seems silly, but I just can't see how anyone can take a picture of any life form and not feel some connection. When I lived in New Mexico, after a summertime rain, I would occasionally see tarantulas crawling on the road. My friends thought I was nuts, but I would pull over and take them many yards off the road to release them in the desert. It seems the older I get, and the more I get to know people, the more I prefer animals. I even prefer bugs over some of the people I've met. Then on the other hand, there are people like yourselves that make up for the others. Many thanks.
Hairlover PRO 8 years ago
Admittedly, I am not so solicitous of insect life as are you, still, I never kill an insect deliberately. If I'm walking along and see an insect in my path, I will change my stride so as to allow it to live. I never kill a spider, even in my house.

My philosophy is this: I cannot give life; therefore, I do not take it.
Every animal abuser should be hanged by the balls !
dw*c PRO 8 years ago
Hi I just sent in two shots one of them by mistake. You'll see which one. Sorry :-((
Hairlover PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Hairlover (admin) 8 years ago
Both photos are fine. If you were concerned about the portrait on the wall, it's permissible; it's not a living person.

BTW, if you ever send a photo by mistake, you can remove it yourself by clicking on "Send to group", then scrolling down to the group, then clicking on the group. That will remove it from the group or pending queue.
dw*c PRO 8 years ago
Ambermei 8 years ago
Hi, I am new

These are great rules. I agree with no doubt. I didn't know place like that existed. So, now I join if it's okay. I am owned by 5 cats and I love cats to bits.

I've been with Flickr for a while, but then decided to delete my account, in doing which I failed miserably. It just wouldn't delete. Well, I went and deleted my whole photo stream instead (which is okay, there were no cats in it, just shots of Nature and some of my computer drawings).

Now I am glad - I can use my account again and I will use it for cats this time. It'll take me time to build though, because I have thousands of photos of my cats. I'll need to choose the best ones. Or, maybe to start with I'll post to this group instead.

Thanks for creating such wonderful group.

PS: I believe that cats are also people, persons, souls, no lesser than human people, but even greater ones.
I simply don't comprehend how is it possible not to love cats!
-you denied a picture of mine saying it was too photoshopped- well you were wrong. my pic was just cropped. but that's okay there's only a gazillion other cat groups- good luck with yours
Hairlover PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Hairlover (admin) 8 years ago
Editing was only part of the problem. You describe it as "art," which I clearly indicated is improper for this group. Plus, you provide a link to an off-Flickr site where artwork is sold, i.e., for commercial purposes.

Indeed, Flickr has thousands of groups that will be glad to have your creations. All Cats--No People, as I stated, is not one of them.

Good luck to you, too.
I totally understand and appreciate the rules. I have seen some disturbing things through the years of doing cat rescue, that makes me wonder about the souls of some individuals, being new to Flickr, it hadn't even crossed my mind that I could just be cruising a cat site and come across something that would probably make me just cry. I wish there was some way to spare YOU that kind of grief Wes. Thank you for what you do.
Hairlover PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Hairlover (admin) 8 years ago
You're welcome! Someone has to do this work. I much prefer the pending queue format. That way, no one can surreptitiously send gruesome or pornographic images into the pool.

I'm willing to do this, but it doesn't always make me happy.

And yes, I have seen and denied photos that left my face wet with tears. A few submissions have been well-intentioned, I think, submitted not for shock value ("flashing") but for ordinary interest. I have rejected photos of emaciated, sick and injured cats, which needed only a good meal, some rudimentary medical attention or just simple TLC.
David McCudden PRO 8 years ago
Thank YOU!!!

Never realized that there is so much to keep this all together!!

Your hard work makes it a better place!

David McCudden
Sandytravelbug PRO 8 years ago
Thanks for the invite for 2 of my cat photos : )

I'm pleased this group has highly regulated guidelines, so i just joined. Certain images, not intentionally violent or cruel, can be distressing, and while they may have their place in a "feral, streetcat, abandoned" group, i'm thankful these are screened from this group. Recently while browsing a cat group, there were multi images of starving, dirty, possibly dying cats & kittens. And i think what bothered me more than the image, were the invites they received... "this beautiful kitty" or "this adorable little guy" has been invited to xxxxxxxxxx group. Don't people realize this animal is suffering and not a candidate for "Cuddly Soft Babydoll Kittens"? (made up group name of course)

Thanks again so much for the invites, i truly appreciate it and so do my little "fur sharks" : )

Hairlover PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Hairlover (admin) 8 years ago
Thanks, Sandy! I've taken a lot of heat from members who have sent grisly photos of emaciated and mangled cats, and who were then outraged when I denied them. As long as I'm here there will be no hideous images in this pool, rage and umbrage notwithstanding.
RuanNiemann 8 years ago
after reading this i'm not sure about a pic i just submitted. one of my persians gave birth to 6 little anklebiters last night, (on my bed, started at 2am- had no sleep, hehehe)

i took one or two pics of the newborns, and posted them, i never considered that they may be gory, but now that i've read this, i'm not so sure. there is still some birthing fluid on them, and if you find it offensive please just delete it, and i apologise for the trouble.
Hairlover PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Hairlover (admin) 8 years ago
No problem, Ruan! This photo is simply adorable! I'm very glad to add it to our group. Thank you for sharing it with us!

I've added photos of wet cats before; this is my first (that I remember) still wet with amniotic fluid. Blood is gory; this isn't. This is charming!
RuanNiemann 8 years ago
thanks a lot. i tried taking more but didnt want to use the flash and freak the mom out, so most are blurry. expect more kitten photos soon.
Hairlover PRO 8 years ago
I look forward to seeing them. Just make sure there are not people or body parts (hands, fingers, etc.) in the photos. Send all you want!
Burkazoid Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Burkazoid (member) 8 years ago
Thanks for this group and the work you put into it Hairlover. Its disgusting what some people get their "kicks" out of, and I'm very sorry you have to go through looking at such distressing photographs. Your work in keeping such photos from the members here is much appreciated.

Just had a very enjoyable flick through the photos. I've just submitted a few photos of my previous beloved cat (who had a great life and lived to the grand age of 19) and my current (also beloved) cat. I hope they are acceptable!
Hairlover PRO 8 years ago
Thanks, Burkazoid You've added these photos to our group. They're excellent.
Hi Hairlover,

I'm new to this group and am a self-confessed ailurophile and shutterbug. :-)

How many cat images do you allow a member to submit at one time and what is your preferred image resolution?

Thanks in advance,

Hairlover PRO 8 years ago
All Cats -- No People allows six photos per day. Image resolution is entirely your choice. We just love cats!
Ok , i understand you , thank you .
skeets48 8 years ago
Sorry about the picture of 3 stone cats. I wasn't thinking. Your group title says it all. It won,t happen again. Skeets48
Hairlover PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Hairlover (admin) 8 years ago
No problem, skeets48! It's easy to do, especially if you send photos to other groups that would have accepted it.

Just yesterday, I briefly sent a photo of Beck to All Cats -- No People, one that showed me clearly. That's one of the hazards of using an automated Multi Group Sender.
l a i l i 8 years ago
Uuuh, stupid me. I read the rules, submitted a picture, and realized I forgot there was a man in the background... noeees, sorry...
Hairlover PRO 8 years ago
l a i l i Hey, it happens. Don't worry about it!
framas_photos PRO 8 years ago
Hi Wes,
regarding point (4), especially domestic house cats only
What about a domestic house cat returned to the wild ?
I'm asking this because we have such a "beast" around the house. She is in a pretty good shape, just enjoying the liberty of the wild life :)
I'm able to say "she" because she regularly gives birth in our shack

Finally, thanks for all the energy you put in this group

Hairlover PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Hairlover (admin) 8 years ago
A regular house cat is fine, indoors or out, domestic or feral. I try to keep out of the group photos of lions, tigers, cheetahs, etc., taken in zoos or in the wild, because they are not what I would consider a house cat. If you have any doubts, just send it to the group and I'll take a look at it.
Also known as Schisma 8 years ago
Hi, Hairlover,

I send some photos by mistake right now. I'm very sorry for my carelessness.
Hairlover PRO 8 years ago
Also known as Schisma
No harm done! If you do this again and want to remove them yourself, you can. Click on the "send to group" button, find the group and click on the "x" at the end of the group's name. This will remove it from the group or the pending queue.
I was wondering if this one would be accepted into the pool:

Abbie on my lap
Hairlover PRO 8 years ago
If you hadn't mentioned the lap, I would have approved it without qualms. No person is clearly seen in the photo, so it's OK.
jas-B 8 years ago
make sens the rules!!!!!
Hairlover PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Hairlover (admin) 8 years ago
Jasbir Boora
Thank you! I really don't enjoy denying photos -- it's much easier to approve a photo than deny it, which requires that I post a reason for the denial. I try to apply the rules with a commonsense approach. Unfortunately, my efforts do not always make sense, much less, do they make everyone happy.

Occasionally, someone will take it personally, as if I had rejected them and not merely a submitted photo. I've been blocked, as a consequence. Which means that I must ban the member, since admin and members must both be open to communication.
framas_photos PRO 8 years ago
I think you're doing a pretty decent job here Wes.
The rules are pretty clear, if someone doesn't read/understand/take care of said rules, then the consequences are inevitable

Hairlover PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Hairlover (admin) 8 years ago
Thanks, Francois! You suggest an interesting question. There are thousands of cat groups on Flickr. I do not understand why people, rather than find a group that will accept their photos, get all righteous and indignant because one particular group won't accept their offerings. Life is too short to become outraged because of a denied photo!
I can't see why anyone would have a problem with the rules. It's not like you'd post a black cat photo in an orange cat pool, why post people in a pool that clearly says, "NO PEOPLE". Some folks can be weird...lol.
Hairlover PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Hairlover (admin) 8 years ago
Indeed, I've had members argue, "But it's only a finger!"
Sorry, but I have to deny a photo even if it's only a fingernail. Not that a fingernail would ruin a cat photo, of course, but were I to allow a fingernail, someone would post a cat photo that included a whole finger, then another of a hand, an arm, eventually, I'd have to approve an entire person. The only reasonable policy is zero people. Again, a photo of a person concealed under covers, behind a curtain, etc., is OK, as long as no person is obvious.
I can see where people would argue that, but I still comepletely understand the rule and have no problem with it! I almost submitted this photo:

Hangin' Out

You can see why I didn't...lol. While my hand is almost completely covered in fur, you can still see it!
Hairlover PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Hairlover (admin) 8 years ago
You almost sumtitted it?! Ha! I invited it! After I read the description and saw your hand, I deleted the invite.

Dang it, sometimes this "no-people" snake bites even me in the butt!
kredskin [deleted] 8 years ago
Hi to all, i really admire you, hairlover, for your work.
I'm ad adult and i can not see cats or image of wounded cats. Really.
The only reason of not going too fast in my car when i could is beacause "a cat may cross the road".

Thank you for your work again, and... i hope you like my shots.

mcouto 7 years ago
Love cats! Only cats here!!
Good work, Admin!
Hairlover PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Hairlover (admin) 7 years ago
Thanks! You have added some beautiful photos to our group. I see you like B&W. I like cats any way!

Thank you!
ayapapaya69 PRO 7 years ago
Amen to rule #7!
I'm sick and tired of looking at over-degitalized "artistic" photos on flickr!
Hairlover PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Hairlover (admin) 7 years ago
Thanks, Aya! Thankfully, most of the photos I have to deny are nothing but accidents or oversights, such as people or parts of people in the shot, wild animals, etc. With very rare exceptions, people accept the denial without protest.

The one sort of photo I absolutely dread denying is the indecipherable image, where some wanna-be artist imagines that distorting a photo beyond recognition represents an unparalleled artistic achievement, and that I must some sort of plebeian boor because I do not collapse in admiration! Often, the submitter will be greatly offended because I did not approve his magnificent opus.

Again, there are plenty of groups that seek such creations; All Cats -- No People is not one of them!
D.OliveroS 7 years ago
man you are like the chuck norris of the groups! joking, completely agree with the rules, hope you guys like my cats. see ya around....
Hairlover PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Hairlover (admin) 7 years ago
Most of the photos in the pending queue are either clearly acceptable or else clearly unacceptable. A few, however, require a judgment call. I'm constantly aware that if I allow a questionable entry, someone will push the envelope and try something even more daring. So, I have to draw the line somewhere. Occasionally, I hurt some feelings, but never intentionally. As I said above, there are hundreds of groups that solicit artistic creations; All Cats -- No People is one of them. Life is too short to grieve over a rejected submission.
Thanks for your efforts, Hairlover, much appreciated!
loricherokee 7 years ago
I'd like to suggest that the instructions for submitting photos to a specific discussion ( i.e. the search for an icon) include the fact that we need to add the photo to the pool first. I didn't do it but have now corrected the problem. I noticed a couple of other people didn't do it either. Some of the other groups on Flickr don't have that requirement.
Hairlover PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Hairlover (admin) 7 years ago
loricherokee said:
"I'd like to suggest that the instructions for submitting photos to a specific discussion ( i.e. the search for an icon) include the fact that we need to add the photo to the pool first."
If you notice, I placed that specific instruction at the top of the thread, in bold font, with emphasis on "must", to wit:
"3: Photo must be in All Cats -- No People."
I don't know of any way of making this requirement plainer or more obvious. Other groups may post photos as icons that are not in the group, but I think the icon should be drawn from the pool.

Besides, having the photo in the group makes it easier for me to set the photo as a group icon. Yes, I can copy/download any photo I see, on Flickr and anywhere on the Internet, but I shouldn't have to steal a photo for a group icon. This is especially troublesome when the photo has limited permissions.
very good rules in this group. i´m glad to be a member of your wonderful group!
wes, you really do a great job. it is hard work to look at all these photos sending to the group. thank you very much for denying bad photos...i´ve read what you wrote about these bad shots....makes me feeling very bad and sad. thank you for protecting us from this.
Hairlover PRO 7 years ago
Thank you, Ruth; you're very kind! The great majority of the photos that I deny are for the ordinary reasons, people in the shot, figurines, jungle cats, etc. Only very rarely do I have to deny a cat because of its gruesome nature -- dead, injured, abused cats, etc.
I'm curious...the no people rule doesn't extend to voices in a video, right?
Hairlover PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Hairlover (admin) 7 years ago
No, and that's purely my decision. It's an extension of my rule about extraneous images of people in photos. Thus, a cat photo is OK, even if a person is visible on a TV in the background. Ditto, if the image is a statue, painting or photograph. The same is true with a shadow, or an incidental reflection in a window. A full, clear reflection in a mirror is out, especially if it looks deliberate. It's strictly a judgment call on my part.
Just double checking...is this video acceptable?

Reilly and Finlay by Alaidh...PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK!!!
Hairlover PRO 7 years ago
Indeed, it is acceptable. And adorable, to boot! I've invited it.

BTW, you can always just send it to the group the usual way. I have to watch videos anyway, so it doesn't matter where it is.
Thanks, Wes!
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