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tokyo70 ADMIN November 20, 2015
Airplanes and Airports in Japan + ----- ----- ----- ---- ---- ---- --- --- --- -- -- - - - - - - - -


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Group Description

Welcome to the Airplanes and Airports in Japan +. Please enjoy our photographs.

Airplanes and Airports in Japan +にようこそ! どうぞ気楽に写真を楽しんで下さい。

Group Rules

We aimed at the happiness of members and visitors. This group is for airplanes and objects related airports. The followings are the specified rules and objects in this group.

- photographs taken in Japan.
- airplanes and aviation.
- photographs taken at airport terminal.
- the vehicles and equipments at airport.
- taken by registered members. exp. in traveling abroad, assigned abroad, live in outside Japan
- invited photos exp. Japanese carrier, airplane ordered by Japan, maintenance in outside Japan

Prohibited the following photographs, will be ban except with permission.

- security related objects. exp. guardman
- photographs taken inside of garage. exp. ANA factory
- photographs of individuals. exp. like a portrait
- personal cars. exp. private car owned by somebody except for air carrier
- photographs taken by other person. (not you)

Prohibited the following photographs, will be ban.

- many photos of same subject in the same day, with no meanings

Thank you.

私たちはメンバーと訪問者がハッピーになれることを目指しています。 このグループは飛行機と空港関係のもの向けです。 以下の写真がこのグループ指定のルールと対象です。

- 日本国内で撮影された写真
- 飛行機や航空機
- 空港(飛行場)で撮影された写真
- 空港(飛行場)の輸送機器や設備
- 登録したメンバーが撮影したもの 例.海外旅行中、海外出張中、日本以外に居住
- このグループに招待された写真 例.日本の航空会社、日本から発注された飛行機、日本以外でメンテナンス中の飛行機


- セキュリティ関係のもの 例.警備員
- 整備場内で撮影された写真 例.ANAの整備工場内
- 個人を対象とした写真 例.ポートレートのようなもの
- 個人の自動車 例.航空会社以外の自家用車
- 他人が撮影した写真


- 意味なく同日の同じ被写体の写真


The followings are groups for Airplanes and Airports in Japan.

Aviation in Japan
Airlines: of Japan/日本の航空会社
All Nippon Airways
Airlines: All Nippon Airways [NH/ANA]
Airline: ANA [NH/ANA]
Japan Airlines
Japan Air Lines
Airlines: Japan Air Lines. [JL] [JAL] [131]
Airlines: Japan Airlines [JL/JAL]
Airline: Japan Airlines [JL/JAL]
JAL - Japan Airlines
memories〜JAL's BOEING747

Airlines: AirAsia Japan [JW/WAJ]
Airline: Air Do [HD/ADO]
Airline: Amakusa Airlines [MZ/AHX]
Airlines: Fuji Dream Airlines [JH/FDA]
Airline: Hokkaido Air System [6L/NTH]
Airline: Ibex Airlines [FW/IBX]
Airline: J-Air [XM/JLJ]
Airline: Japan Air Commuter [JC/JAC]
Airline: Japan Transocean Air [NU/JTA]
Airlines: Jetstar Japan [GK/JJP]
Airlines: Nippon Cargo Airlines [KZ/NCA]
Airlines: Peach Aviation [MM/APJ]
Airline: Ryukyu Air Commuter [JC/RAC]
Airlines: Skymark Airlines [BC/SKY]
Airlines: Skymark Airlines
Airlines: Spring Airlines Japan [IJ/SJO]
Airlines: Star Flyer
Airlines: Vanilla Air [JW/VNL]

Chubu Centrair International Airport: NGO/RJGG
Airports: Fukuoka (Itazuke) International [FUK/RJFF]
Fukuoka Airport: FUK/RJFF
Airports: Hiroshima International [HIJ/RJOA]
Iruma Air Base[RJTJ]
Kadena Air Base
Airport: Kagoshima International [KOJ/RJFK]
KIX: Kansai International Airport / 関西国際空港
Airports: Kitakyushu airport [KKJ/RJFR]
Airports: Kumamoto International [KMJ/RJFT]
Kobe Airport: UKB/RJBE
Airports: Nagasaki International [NGS/RJFU]
Airports: Nagoya (Chubu Centrair) International [NGO/RJGG]
Airport: Nagoya / Komaki [NKM/RJNA]
Naha Airport: OKA/ROAH
Narita International Airport: NRT/RJAA
Airport:Tokyo (Narita) International
New Chitose Airport: CTS/RJCC
Airports: Niigata Airport [KIJ/RJSN]
Osaka International Airport: ITM/RJOO
Airport: Osaka (Itami) International
Airports: Osaka (Kansai) International [KIX/RJBB]
Airports: Shimojishima Airport [SHI/RORS]
Airport: Shizuoka [FSZ/RJNS]
Tokyo International Airport: HND/RJTT
Airport:Tokyo (Haneda) International

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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