AlexDuSud 5:02pm, 8 January 2009
According to a french aeronautical website (aerocontact), Air France will announce in couple of days its brand new visual identity. That' might mean no more bar code! Here is the link to the online article: (in french by the way!)
dfndr13 8 years ago
I wonder if they will pick a darker color that they don't have to clean as often. Oh, wait, they don't clean them now do they????
AlexDuSud 8 years ago
Don't be so ironic. I agree they could be more fussy regarding the cleanliness of their aircrafts but I guess they more take care about ensuring transportation of the pax than grounded everyday the whole fleet just for pleasure of spotters! :D
caribb 8 years ago
I like the idea of a darker colour too... as for the cleanliness issue.. other carriers manage to offer steller service and keep their planes clean at the same time.. BA for instance so I dunno. I think black or brown would be perfect for AF's colour scheme... just kidding.. perhaps something like KLM but with a darker blue and a red cheat line..
AlexDuSud 8 years ago
If it's that it's trully pathetic to announce a real change of its visual identity ...

I hope it's just someone who has a great inspiration but not the real issue! Wait and see!
dfndr13 8 years ago
That dailymotion link is private.
AlexDuSud Posted 8 years ago. Edited by AlexDuSud (member) 8 years ago
Actually I'm not registered on dailymotion. It was a free access couple of days ago but I guess the guy change the status of its footage. Retry with this link:
dfndr13 8 years ago
That worked. Is that really it? They're adding a red "/" to the logo?????? Talk about a subtle change....
AlexDuSud Posted 7 years ago. Edited by AlexDuSud (member) 7 years ago
Wednesday 11 February 2009
NEW LOGO: an international brand with a French identity
Air France’s visual identity is changing.

The new logo – designed by the Brandimage agency – is now just one word, highlighting Air France’s ambition to be an international brand since over half of Air France's customer base is located outside of France.

The national colours (blue, white and red) remain present on the aircraft’s tail fin and fuselage, underlining not just the airline’s French identity, but also its values and history which it has been proudly displaying for the past 75 years:

* navy blue, predominant since the birth of Air France, evokes the brand’s historical capital and the airline’s efficiency,
* white, the colour of excellence, suggests well-being and the French travel experience,
* the bright red accent, punctuates and energizes the brand, underlining both French chic and the attention paid to Air France customers by the airline’s staff, both on the ground and on board.

To limit costs, the changes to aircraft will be made gradually. Aircraft will be painted with the new livery during fleet maintenance operations, and new aircraft will be rolled out with the new logo.

Here it is the brand new logo:
dfndr13 7 years ago
Hmmm. Did they write that press release? Every reference to Air France was as two words. So they are changing the logo to reflect a single word but in all other ways they are keeping it as two words. I think that's a poor job of re-branding an airline. That change will barely be noticeable to anyone who hasn't read the release or seen the web page. Just my humble opinion.
Bravo Six Niner Delta 7 years ago
Here's a nice blog entry about the change:
have a look at that ... this is what AF has come to... well.. not that keen.. we ll see how it does look on their aircrafts

as an ex AF cabin crew, i must say that the feed back from my buddies in CDG and ORY and LYS is not that enthusiast...... they think it does look cheaply done ... but hey .. let s wait and see how people will react to that new identity...
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