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agony competition - 200 dollars of prizes

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flikr is a group administrator flikr says:

As suggested by Mark&Manna, a competition involving Agony (a program that I wrote).

Results of the previous competition can be seen at: www.kelbv.com/agony_competition.php

The prizes:
First prize: 150USD - either in cash (via paypal) or flickr.com pro accounts.
Second prize: 50USD - either in cash (via paypal) or flickr.com pro accounts.

The competition:
The competition is to produce the "best" Agony image. This will be an image produced directly from my Agony software, or an image/collage involving consisting primarily (I know this is a loose word - but the spirit should be clear) of works produced by yourself using my software.

Images will be judged on their Agony content firstly, any other qualities, e.g. humour or meaning, of the image will be secondary.

All entries must be the work of the entrant, and any images used within an entry must be the either the work of the entrant or covered by an appropriate license such that their use is permissible.

An image will be considered an entry if it is:
1) uploaded to flickr.com,
2) tagged with "agony competition", and
3) added to the pool of images in the Agony group.

Entries correctly tagged and submitted to the pool by 18:00:00 UTC Tuesday December 25th 2007 will be considered for the prizes.

The entries will be judged by me, my decisions are final.

For examples of some of my work using Agony, please see my photostream:


There is further information on how to use the software at the three following tutorials on my webpage:


Who can enter?
Any flickr.com member, pro or otherwise.

There is no rush, so don't feel pressured to enter early. You may enter as many times as you like, so upload and submit whichever images you feel particularly happy with.

If you have any questions, please post in this thread or email/flickrmail me.

Feel free to post any images, submissions or otherwise, in this thread.
Feel free to post pretty much anything else in this thread as well.

Good luck, and have fun!
Originally posted at 12:38PM, 28 November 2007 PDT (permalink)
flikr edited this topic 105 months ago.

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It's just Mark says:

There are many very cool new additions to the pool,here! :-)
ages ago (permalink)

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Song_sing says:

I had a recent physical setback involing my "mouse hand" and
the SCI causing my hand not to cooperate, or I would have more drawings to post. Im just trying to get in what I have.
I dont know what time 18:00 UTC would be for South East U.S. is?
ages ago (permalink)

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flikr is a group administrator flikr says:

hmm 18:00 my time UTC/GMT is (I think) 1pm Eastern
ages ago (permalink)

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flikr is a group administrator flikr says:

Good luck with the hand + your injury problems. Your contributions are welcome always!
ages ago (permalink)

noxious bulb [deleted] says:

Hi flikr. I've missed you, good to see you around.
ages ago (permalink)

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Pacdog says:

flikr rocks!! sorry to hear about your hand song_sing.. best of luck to you and all who have entered... oh and Merry xmas!!
ages ago (permalink)

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Song_sing says:

Thanks for the kind words Flikr & Pacdog!

Peace & good Cheer Folks!
ages ago (permalink)

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