johnbailey63 5:11pm, 4 August 2011
Hello! I'm headed to Rwanda to see the Gorillas in a week. I think I'm set for camera gear but wanted to see what sort of advice you had for what to pack. Is there much variance in temperature during the hikes? Anything you wish you had packed but didn't? any advice or tips would be tremendously appreciated. Thanks!!!
jambianibob 6 years ago
Wear long sleeves, trousers and boots. The undergrowth is really thick and thorny. Gloves are also recommended but I did not have any... so I got some cuts and scrapes. Temperature depends on how high you hike but generally as soon as the sun comes up it is be pretty hot and sweaty. It is pretty chilly at nightime and in the morning in the mountains.

We wish we had taken more water and food. Nobody bothered to tell us there would be a lunch break.
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