wolf_breath 11:58am, 25 May 2012
It's generally believed that the DC settings should match the aperture, for optimum results to combine bokeh and sharpness. However, I generally like to play with a lot of settings.

For example: I like to use f/4 R2.8 or f/5.6 R4. (I used to use f/2.2 R2).

What settings do you prefer and why? Examples of your settings are welcome.
David Pinkerton 5 years ago
Contrary to popular belief, using an aperture with a lower DC setting will not give you "better" bokeh. In actuality, the higher the rear setting the more out of focus highlights will bloom (so f/4 R5.6 is better than f/4 R2.8 - except that subject softness starts to creep in). I ran some tests of all these settings awhile ago:

wolf_breath 5 years ago
Egads that softness can get strong! Especially at f/2 R5.6.

But yeah, I know the higher the DC number, the better the bokeh, save for the softness. I suppose I was trying to counter the softness and never did any real tests for myself like yours.

Fantastic reference to the settings by the way. Thanks a lot!
mausgabe PRO 5 years ago
I typically shoot with the DC at <= aperture, unless I'm going for a dreamy (or vaseline-coated) look. (Most shots are with DC @ 0 / neutral.)
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