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ionk 9:46am, 23 October 2006
I am just wondering if we should try to share photos that either depict the Aegean sea or have a very strong connection to it. Also I think we should post our very best photos. I think if the subject matter starts to broaden up too much it can quickly deteriorate to a photo pool with anyhting goes/ touristy type snap-shots. What do you all think?
isl_gr (Mnesterophonia) Posted 11 years ago. Edited by isl_gr (Mnesterophonia) (member) 11 years ago
I couldn't agree more with you. This is why I think the group icon is very significant : a distant island and the sea says all about the group's topic. If I had founded this group I would have focused only on "landscape - seascape -skyscape photography", because this is what thrills me about the Aegean. I wouldn't mind if there was a swimmer, a sailor, fisherman etc somewhere in the frame, but the humans should be there just to put more value in the setting. Personal souvenir shots or commercials must be absolutely excluded. On the other hand noone can ever be sure. I have seen shots taken as holiday souvenirs shots ("Yorgos catching his first fish", "John and Mary watching the sunset") that were fantastic. Though spontaneous, these photos reflected something much larger.
Bref, why not put a limit to the number of pics a member can upload?
In this way people may be motivated to create other specialty groups about the Aegean such as i.g. cats of the greek islands. There is a list of links like this in the general group about Greece.
Ozan™ PRO 11 years ago
I totaly agree with you Νίκος!
ionk 11 years ago
Thank you for responding Eleni and Ozan. Eleni, well said, I agree with all your points. Ok, so what limit should we pose on the number of photos allowed to be posted. I think lets try around 2 per day and see how that goes. What you guys think? Lets hear some more voices!
Tasos. 11 years ago
2 photos per day is just fine. I aggree with you guys!!! also try to put something that fits the title... Sea, clear waters, islets, beautiful beaches, etc.
mel-pin 11 years ago
Helloo! I agree with the photo/limit. ( It could be one per day for me ).
Very true, aegean means a lot of things not just blue clear waters and beaches for fun.
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