Poe Forward 1:23am, 3 October 2009
While communicating with a fellow group member who recently lost a pet rat, I jokingly "INSISTED" the member get a new rat immediately. I thought my joke was obvious and in the spirit of "getting back up on a horse" concept. Please excuse me for the miscommunication.

After my mother's cat died, I tried to get her to get a new one, but she felt she couldn't. I understood and she was cat less until she died.

I don't have a rat right now and haven't for a few months. Manny was the last and he died just after i moved into a new home. I am not able to get a new rat until i finish unpacking and sorting out the new place. I have my empty rat cage sitting on the porch waiting for a new rat. I want one very bad and im sorry if my anxiety bled into your life.

I also miss my dog Buddy. He was a damaged rescue who eventually had to be put down as he was too dangerous to be around my young niece.

Best always to everyone and I love this group.
CDP Photography Canada Posted 6 years ago. Edited by CDP Photography Canada (member) 6 years ago
How was Buddy too dangerous?
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