rmmccoy1 11:08pm, 26 June 2012
My workflow contains several folders. One is WORK IN PROGRESS. Here is where I edit images. Once edited, I export them (to save the changes) then Import them into a relevant category folder. When imported in the color washes out and the clarity changes. However, viewing them in the MAC FILE WINDOW, the changes are in tact. It is only in Lr that they seem to have changed. I originally noted this only on RAW images in Lr3. I just upgraded to Lr4.1 and lo and behold it now happens on ALL image types. 1.) Am I correct in my understanding that images must be exported in order for edits to be saved to file for viewing in other programs? 2.) I use Lr exclusively! What good is it if I can't see my changes as they should be once I categorize my images in specific folders? Any suggestions or is this something Lr has to fix in a later version??
Scott Strehlow Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Scott Strehlow (member) 5 years ago
Verify which Color Space is being written to the JPG at export. sRGB is typically the most general and is the standard for stuff on the web.

As for exporting to save your changes, you don't need to do that if you are only looking at them in LR. If you want to do different processes to the same file, use Create Virtual Copy.

The changes are only rendered at export time to the copy generated. Nothing is changed in the source file.

And you can move them around into different folders within LR. For most people, this is an unnecessary paradigm holdover from when we dealt with image files and used the OS's file system to organize them. LR has a very sophisticated database that allows organizing images based on any number of criteria.

I no longer put images into multiple folders. All my old stuff from before I started using LR is left where it was, but everything new just gets tossed into one folder. LR's keywording and other metadata like capture time are used to organize them.

You can create collection called In-Progress to mimic the function of your folder. Drop images into it as you want and take them out when you are satisfied with your edits. Or you can have a Smart Collection with a rule like any file with "InProgress" as a keyword. Then assign that keyword to files you want to edit. Drop it when you are done. I use color labels to keep track of where images are in the post-production flow.
Harry® Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Harry® (admin) 5 years ago
To emphasise part of Scott's post,

It is not a good idea to export from Lightroom and import back again, it leads to duplication and confusion - only export when you have a purpose for the exported files - for web use, online printing etc and do not reimport those files unless you have some compelling reason to do so.

When you say "When imported in the color washes out and the clarity changes" - This looks like you are applying some sort of import preset, I cannot see any other reason why this would occur.

You say "Am I correct in my understanding that images must be exported in order for edits to be saved to file for viewing in other programs?"
Yes that is almost correct, the edits are saved to file regardless of exporting, but I would ask what other programs are you going to be viewing them in? - Why not view them in Lightroom, it is designed for viewing image files.

As Scott also says, create a smart collection for edited or unedited files or give them a colour code or any one of the other ways Lightroom has for identifying images then move those images from within Lightroom.

I still cling on to the folder system, I have been doing it too long to change now! but I make every change to the folders from within Lightroom itself.
rmmccoy1 5 years ago
Thank you both for your input. When I edit a photo and save the metadata, then view it in the Mac OS file window, the images DO NOT reflect the changes made in Lr. They do not save until the edited version is exported. I usually export them to a relevant folder. When viewed AFTER export, in the OS file window, no problems. Looks great. The OS window is the only other viewer I use. With respect to viewing them in Lr, thats why they are imported back in. Perhaps an example would help. Work in Progress folder - I make my edits. In order to save the edits I export to Finshed Photo folder. In order to view in Lr in Finished Photp folder, that folder has to be sychronized, which imports the file back to Lr. Thats when the photo presented in Lr "appears" altered (not in a good way). If I view that same photo using the view in folder feature, it looks fine. I double checked - there are not import/export develop presets that could alter the image. The really funny thing is that when I first purchased LR3 in October 2011 I had no problems at all. This seems to have begun with more recent updates. I am at a loss..........
RubyMae PRO 5 years ago
When you export the photos, instead importing them back to Lightroom, you should do one of two things:

(1) Move edited photos to a collection or smart collection; you can then just view them (with the edits in place) by viewing the collection; or

(2) If you really want a jpeg of the final edit added to the catalogue, instead of importing the exported images back into Lightroom, just tick off the option during export to "add a copy to this catalog"
rmmccoy1 5 years ago
Thanks RubyMae. I will give that a shot!
Scott Strehlow 5 years ago
The reason you don't see your edits if you try viewing the original image outside LR (such as with Preview via Finder) is that LR does nondestructive editing. It doesn't change the original file. As you do edits, it builds a script of operations to perform upon export. It generates a preview as you go so you can see what you are doing, but that is stored separately from the source image.

I'm still a bit surprised that when you re-import the images, they look different. Perhaps you could take and post screen shots of your Import and Export dialogs so we can see what options have been chosen. Or select one of the images that was reimported and go to the Develop tab. Look at the History. Every image has "Import" as its first operation. See if there is anything listed above that. If so, note what it says, then remove it and see if the image goes back to looking like you expect.

I'd be curious too if using "add a copy to this catalog" will make LR do any other processing on the image upon import. I suspect not, even if you have the Import dialog set to do some process by default on new images.
rmmccoy1 5 years ago
Thanx Scott. I'll explore that and let you know.
RubyMae PRO 5 years ago
Add a copy to catalog is done during export. So no import preset is added. It was look like whatever the exported image looks like.
rmmccoy1 Posted 5 years ago. Edited by rmmccoy1 (member) 5 years ago
Thanx to all for your input. I'm no pro and learning. I note that Harry has aked for no more posts regarding color until all other posts are reviewed. For me, I'm a logical person. It seams logical that any image imported into Lr should import "as is", whether that as is is from the camera or something that has been edited and saved. If a user insures there are no presets active, the image, logically, should come in "as is". Since there are so many threads regarding color, I would hope that the developers look into the issue and make it work that way. No one likes surprises and when you spend a lot of time getting the image just right and, for whatever reason need to import it back into Lr, its a great disappointment not to see it the way you left it.
I'm not sure how to get it to the developers attention, so if anyone knows the best route, let me know!
Thanx again for everyones help.... and Developers - get er done!
rmmccoy1 5 years ago
I have created a set in my photo stream called

Lr Import Color Issue

It contains a before image and an after image. The before image is the exported image with edits in tack. The after image is the edited image imported back into Lightroom. Pretty extreme.....
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