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upthesock PRO 10:20pm, 13 January 2008
I use DPP to process my pictures because I have a canon 350d and lightroom makes all the reds look orange. I can get much better results with DPP, I can spend ages with the same picture using lightroom but still not equal the results I get from DPP.
If you are using lightroom with a 350d and get satisfactory results are there any tips you can give me?
I've tried downloading profiles, making my own profile by messing with the colour controls for hours but at the end of the day I can spend 2 mins with DPP and the pictures come out better.
Brian Hudson 11 years ago
Check to see if LR is applying automatic tone adjustments or a preset upon import.

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ambient troutmask 11 years ago
Lightroom and DPP are very different applications. Lightroom is much more than a RAW processor. DPP is with some images a better RAW processor for beginners with Canon files and if all you require is a simple processor for your files, rather than a fully featured file management tool then stick with it as it is free, but major problems such as you report are usual due to colour management problems. Lightroom requires a correctly calibrated monitor, as Lightroom was originally designed for professional users ADOBE rather take this for granted although the fact that this is a requirement is mentioned in the help files no real guidance is given on what this means. Have a look at the links in from the front page link in this board.
jaovandelagemaat 11 years ago
Note that the default camera calibration in Lightroom sometimes lead to oranges and reds being not so good. To fix this, calibrate your camera with or Note that the way DPP renders is in no way realistic. Realistic rendering (often called scene referenced) of RAW often looks really boring and flat. Canon is VERY aggressive in their default rendering. If you prefer it, use DPP.
ambient troutmask 11 years ago
Note that the default camera calibration in Lightroom sometimes lead to oranges and reds being not so good

I have heard this before, but the ACR profile for my camera 1D mk II is as far as I can tell identical to the Canon one in DPP. My images look different in DPP because of the default rendering as you say (something I do not like) but the colours are the same values. That is why I usually assume that problems are down to colour management at the monitor rather than colour calibration of the camera. I have a calibration for my camera (borrowed a Greg Macbeth card) and it is so close to the ACR as to be not worth the effort for 99.9% of photographers and certainly doesn't make any difference so apparent that the average user would see it.
Where they are very useful if for regular studio shooters, such as portrait photographers, who can calibrate to certain lighting set ups, have a custom CB and a curve and virtually automate their workflow.
Cameron Booth PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Cameron Booth (member) 11 years ago
Okay, I have found a solution to the "orangey reds in Lightroom from my Canon 350D" on the web and I'd like to share it with you. I have tested this solution with a few of my images that exhibit the orange reds problem and the difference is startling.

In the Develop Module, go all the way to the bottom of the right-hand palette to Camera Calibration. Enter these values:

Shadows: Tint: +4

Red Primary:
Hue: -22
Saturation: 28

Green Primary:
Hue: -27
Saturation: -21

Blue Primary:
Hue: -3
Saturation: 2

Save this as a preset if you like the results (check ONLY the Camera Calibration option). Now you can apply this preset as you import images and never have to look at orangey reds again! (unless the thing you're photographing really is orangey-red!)

Solution from here

He compares the accuracy of various ACR scripts that use the Macbeth card and judges these numbers as being the best. Enjoy!
jaeming Posted 11 years ago. Edited by jaeming (member) 11 years ago
LR gets my reds wrong too on ym canon XTi. I might try that camera calibration to see if it helps me as well. One thing I have not been able to figure out with LR, how to keep my camera's profile when going into LR.
I mean, when I shoot B & W, and then import to LR, at first the photos thumbnails show up correctly as black & white but then when I click on them it renders and they go color. Same with my other pics, which I have set to high contrast on my program settings on the camera. Look great and correct on the thumbnail, then click and lose it.
oh, sorry, just noticed this thread:
which answers a lot of that.
mantras siva Posted 11 years ago. Edited by mantras siva (member) 11 years ago

tanks you , really

IS there a tip to save as Profile?
I mean an acr profile?
in the develop module , there is camera calibration , profile:

can i save here?
RBerteig PRO 11 years ago
mantras, in short, No.

That selection in Develop for Profile shows the version of ACR that first released with a profile for your camera make and model. On rare occasions, they do revise a camera profile. If they do they also retain the old version and make it available through that selection.

Only Adobe can add new profile versions for a camera.

Others can use the calibration controls to tune the camera profile, and even make that tuning be specific to a particular serial number and/or ISO setting. There are other threads here that discuss that.
mantras siva 11 years ago
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