Kasandra_A PRO 3:01pm, 5 September 2007

I have a chocolate BnW action that I used to use in elements ... I've always been a fan of the darker chocolate conversions.

I have yet to try and figure out a way to achieve a similar look in LR. I just can't get it chocolate enough.

Does anyone have opinions on how to achieve a similar look in LR?


Alexander Kiel PRO 11 years ago
Try to lower the Dark slider in the Tone Curve.
Mark Sirota PRO 11 years ago
It's hard to say without seeing where you came from. Can you be more specific about the effect you're looking for, or provide an unadulterated original?

It looks to me like a steep S-curve in the tone curve. Something like Strong Contrast, then raise the Lights by 25 or so and slide the midpoint left to about 35. But that's just a wild-ass guess.
Kasandra_A PRO 11 years ago
I hope this isn't in bad taste, but I'm posting a screen shot of the action 'in action' while in PSE5. I purchased this action from an individual.
I understand how most of the elements are achieved in the action because I've tinkered and most are available in PSE5 and I understand the translation to LR. However, the top three layers (chocolate, blue tone, and sepia) are not PSE supported layers and I have no idea what was done to create those layers.
I've also posted the original.
I'm not really looking to copy this look and infact, I've found most of everything I like achievable in LR. Just couldn't figure out this chocolatey look.

Post this one bigger so you could see the layers ... wish there was something between medium and big :)
screen shot

05 05 07 012_edited-1_f

Thanks again.
Mark Sirota PRO 11 years ago
By "Just couldn't figure out this chocolatey look", do you mean the dark brown, maybe a hint of red, in the shadows?
eye of wally 11 years ago
juts convert to B&W and use the split toning in the develop module. CHeck out this thread for more info

Kasandra_A PRO 11 years ago
@Mark - I'm interested in the dark brown.
@wally - Thanks off to read.

Thanks all!
Alexander Kiel PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Alexander Kiel (admin) 11 years ago
I downloades both files and tried to match the style. It could not achieve it 100% but you can try this Preset. Just import it in LR.

I think the PSE action does more than you can do in LR. But you can try to get it close.
Kasandra_A PRO 11 years ago
@Alexander - thanks for trying! :)
Couldn't get to your preset ... would love to try it!
Alexander Kiel PRO 11 years ago
Ok my fault. I did not make the link right. Please right click on the Preset link and choose "save file as".
Mark Sirota PRO 11 years ago
I agree with Wally -- Apply some reddish browns to the shadows using Split Toning.

After converting to grayscale and bumping the contrast, slide the Balance slider well to the right (maybe around 75), set the Shadow hue to about 25-30 degrees, and crank up the shadow saturation.

I don't think doing this using the HSL sliders or camera calibration controls is going to get you there for this image, because the color on the face is too close to the color of the background.
tlc4ben 11 years ago
kasandra-update us if you figure it out. I love bw chocolates too (what girl doesn't love chocolate!!!), and would love to use LR instead of PS for as much as possible!
This is so simple people
Convert to B+W then use the split tone
and perhaps some hue adjustments you could duplicate it exactly if you wanted to
method photo 11 years ago
If you come up with the final one, can i add it to Inside Lightroom?

Same with any Presets you create. Including your one Alexander.

Richard Earney

Kasandra_A PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Kasandra_A (member) 11 years ago
Thanks everyone. I've tried the split tone but I seem to get more of the golden (sepia - greenish) coloring.
I'm going to continue to play and will update the thread if I find something.

@Alexander - thanks for the preset ... that is REALLY close ... I bumped overall brightness just a bit, and then bumped highlights and its looks pretty good to me.
@Richard - of course, your website has been a huge resource, I would love to share.

Thanks again - this is a great group!
Alexander Kiel PRO 11 years ago
Thanks. You see how I did this? You can look at the values from split tone. Maybe it better if you publish the Chocolade Preset on inside-lightroom.com, because it was your idea.
Kasandra_A PRO 11 years ago
@Alexander - you're much too modest; you're the creator, I'm just the instigator. But I'll email your's plus another B&W chocolate to Richard. Thanks again. This was a good lesson in split tones.
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