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danielryan [deleted] 12:19am, 21 May 2006
Anyone know of a plugin that will automatically send photos from Lightroom, tags and all, to Flickr?
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Bobby Wan [deleted] 11 years ago
Would love to hear of a way myself.
kevine323 11 years ago
that would be awesome
me, charlotte PRO 11 years ago
oh yeah, please.....
tf5_bassist 11 years ago
so far, doesn't look like one exists... :/
Shirley Von-Kübler PRO 11 years ago
Decca dblues 11 years ago
no but I just realised that when you do an export (jpeg for instance) and then upload it to flickr, you lightroom keywords are converted to flickr tags!
Ian Tindale 11 years ago
That's how I do it - except that I import the jpeg results into iPhoto first, which also accepts all the keywords as iPhoto keywords, too! Then I just upload directly from the iPhoto flickr uploader thingy.
fotobydave 11 years ago
Perhaps one of the more annoying feature is only one model of the get directory function, so when you import you point at your directory and the when you export you change it to your output dirrectories and then when you import ... A real time waster!
dramenon 11 years ago
In Beta 4 - You can actually drop/copy the "Flickr Uploadr.app" in to the ~user/Library/Adobe Lightroom/Export Actions

The Flickr Uploadr.app wil appear as a preset under "Post Processing"
- Export image(s)
- Login to Flickr
- Flickr Upload suddenly has your images. You can add tags etc then upload.

Jason Abbott 10 years ago
Resurrecting an old topic ... is there a trick to make this work with the Windows Flickr Uploadr (2.3)? I put the shortcut in the export actions folder and, sure enough, it appears in the list at export from LR but then when actually exporting it just launches the Uploadr without the files queued. I have read three web sites that discussed a Flickr export action but all examples were for the Mac Uploadr.
Mark Sirota PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Mark Sirota (admin) 10 years ago
dante has the solution. If that doesn't work for Windows, it's either a Lightroom bug or a Flickr Uploader bug, or some sort of interaction problem inbetween. I'm a Mac user, can't help there. Any Windows users want to try to debug this? If it turns out to look like a Lightroom bug, I can pass it along.

As for tags, by default, any Keyword Tags in Lightroom will be picked up as Flickr tags. If you want finer control over that, see my comment in this thread.
bitrot 10 years ago
I've got this working fine with LR 1.0 and the Flickr Uploadr 2.3 on Windows XP. It looks like you've done everything right, Jason. I know all of the following is probably what you're already doing, but just to confirm, here are the steps I followed:

1. Make a shortcut to "C:\Program Files\Flickr Uploadr\Flickr Uploadr.exe" in "C:\Documents and Settings\YOURNAMEHERE\Application Data\Adobe\Lightroom\Export Actions"

2. Open the Export dialog (File / Export...) and use the settings shown below:

That's all I've done. I have had one problem where the Uploadr crashed, but I think that's an Uploadr problem as it's happened once or twice before I got Lightroom too.

I hope that helps!
Jason Abbott 10 years ago
Thanks for the replies. What I've tried looks just like what you've described bitrot. Glad to hear it can work. I'll try re-creating the shortcut, maybe re-installing Uploadr.
bitrot 10 years ago
Good luck, Jason. The good old uninstall is always worth a go. (Failing that, how about the standard advice from The IT Crowd: "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?" ;-)

One thing I forgot to mention: mine won't export tags in the way described by Mark Sirota above. Maybe it's a Mac only thing?
Mark Sirota PRO 10 years ago
bitrot, please elaborate! So you have keyword tags applied in Lightroom, and the relevant checkboxes are checked in the "Edit Keyword Tag" dialog, but they don't show up in the file on export?
bitrot 10 years ago
That's right, Mark.
- I've applied keywords using the Keyword Stamper, and double-checked they're applied correctly by checking in the Keywording panel. (The photos also have the little label icon overlaid in Grid view.)
- I've right-clicked on the keywords in Keyword Tags and ensured they've got "Include On Export" ticked.
- I then follow the export process above but no tags appear in the Flickr Uploadr, and none appear on Flickr after upload.

Not a major issue for me at all, but it is a bit puzzling. Again, I'm using LR 1.0 and Uploadr 2.3 for Windows XP Pro, SP2.
Mark Sirota PRO 10 years ago
bitrot, can you confirm that the keywords are indeed in the exported files, by inspecting them with with an EXIF viewer? If you don't have one, you can use Jeffrey Friedl's Online EXIF Viewer.
Jason Abbott 10 years ago
For what it's worth, the keywords export exactly as I expect for upload here. Are you using the Uploadr to resize the photos? It seems like the Uploadr should respect all metadata, though I've only ever uploaded original sizes.
bitrot 10 years ago
A-ha! Good thinking Mark. XnView reports that the tag is indeed in the IPTC data. However I've even tried a clean reinstall of the Uploadr (2.3) and it's still not working.

Anyway, it looks like LR is off the hook at least. :-) Thanks for your continued help, Mark.
shurafa 10 years ago
Is there a better solution available yet?
Funky Larma PRO 10 years ago
Sorry to drag this one to it's death but I'm having some problems with this method.
I've created an alias for Flickr Uploader in the Export folder. Everything works fine and the pictures are exported and sent to Flickr Uploader but the problem is with the tags. I've tagged my photos with comma seperated words, but when Flickr Uploader opened the tags field was empty. Not wanting to tag 130 photos I put the same tags in again under the Batch feature of Uploader, but when the photos were uploaded I had the individual tags and then a sentance of the tags; "all, tags, like, this" also added.

Have I missed the plot some where?
Rob Gruhl PRO 10 years ago
Awesome, works wonderfully, thanks!
Mark Sirota PRO 10 years ago
Funky Larma, Windows or Mac? When you say "comma-separated words", does that mean multiple tags separated with commas, or a single tag that includes commas? Does it work for single tags, but not comma-separated tags?
Steve Mavs Fan Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Steve Mavs Fan (member) 10 years ago
I found that if I use Flickr Uploadr.app the keywords are gone, if I do manual upload or use jUploader they are still there. Seems to be a bug with the offical flickr uploader.
Goody. PRO 10 years ago
bitrot, did you have to create a new preset called "Upload to Flickr?" It didn't magically appear in mine, but I followed all of your steps. Speaking of the presets, does anyone know how to delete them? I created a couple of test ones and can't get rid of them.
Funky Larma PRO 10 years ago
Mark this is on a Mac based system. The way I added keywords was to add these during the import process, to which I just typed in the keywords in the text field with comma's seperating them:
all, tags, like, this,
Once imported the keywords were assigned to the pictures as individual tags.

Hope this helps
treedork PRO 10 years ago
It is my experience on Windows that Uploadr doesn't show the LR embedded tags but they are present after uploading. This makes sense if you realize that Uploadr is just a dumb uploader that passes the images through without parsing. The tags that Uploadr asks for are applied after the images are uploaded to flickr.

Also, if you hadn't noticed, the title and caption metadata is also read by flickr so LR can produce uploads that require no metadata action on the flickr side (execept adding to sets and groups.)

With that said, I do get some quirky behaviour from Uploadr on Windows after the upload. It sometimes doesn't show the "Show Images" button after uploading. After uploading it goes back to the image drag-n-drop screen with some of the uploaded images still there. I think this implies that Uploadr decided there was an error of some kind though all uploads work.
Mark Sirota PRO 10 years ago
FL, sounds like you've got exactly the same setup I've got, but it's not working the same way. I'm using version 2.2 of the Flickr Uploadr. What version are you using?
Funky Larma PRO 10 years ago
Mark I'm also using version 2.2.

As a test I took a couple of photos and applied only one tag and these uploaded fine, like you said treedork the tags were not visible on Uploader but appeared on Flickr once the file was uploaded.
All very clever if I could just get separate tags to appear individually.
bitrot 10 years ago
Goody. > Yes, I created the preset - it didn't magically appear. :-)
graysky. PRO 10 years ago
Strange, that export only seems to work for me if I already have the Flickr Uploader (v 2.3) already opened. If it is closed, the uploader crashes.

Also, I'm not seeing my keywords get uploaded. The Uploader doesn't show them and they don't show up on Flickr either. I can confirm that I see my keywords in the IPTC data in the JPG (using XnView). Anyone have any thoughts?
atschussman PRO 10 years ago
Funky, I've experienced the same thing ("multiple, keywords, stuck, together") when I have keywords in Lightroom and then add further keywords via flickr uploadr. I've been working around it by adding keywords in batches in Lightroom, and then not specifying any in the Uploadr. I'll have to tinker a bit more when I get back home tonight to see if I can narrow down the conditions more specifically.

(I see that those posts are now a week old; any further findings?)
Funky Larma PRO 10 years ago
schussat, I had another go last night; only adding two keywords in Lightroom and as you suggested nothing from Uploader (it took a lot to just ignore those empty text fields) But after everything was uploaded we have success!

I guess the moral is to only add keywords in Lightroom and just ignore Uploader, leaving it to do it's job.
Any one else want to verify this?
graysky. PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by graysky. (member) 10 years ago
I saw this post that claims the Flickr Uploader loses metadata if you have the Uploader resize the image. I'll try this tonight.

@Funky Larma- can you see if you have the Uploader resize your images?
RussellReno 10 years ago
Not resizing the image is the key.
graysky. PRO 10 years ago
Thanks RusellReno. I confirmed that uploading without resizing in the Uploader preserves the metadata (even though it doesn't show up in the Uploader).
chrisvw1 10 years ago
question for uploading to flickr....i am currently exporting to a file via the export instructions and then automatically uploading to the flickr uploader...is there a way to bypass the folder and have it go right to the uploader...kinda a pain that you have to export to a folder..or...am i doing something wrong. Seems like this group has a lot of experience with lightroom to flickr exports....thanks....chris
Mark Sirota PRO 10 years ago
chrisvw1, no, right now you need to export to local storage and then have Flickr Uploadr read those files. However, you can write it to a temporary area (/tmp on MacOS X)...
chrisvw1 10 years ago
thanks mark...i was afraid that was the case.....but still love lightroom....!
Funky Larma PRO 10 years ago
@downtree, sorry for the late reply but yes you are correct, leave the file as is and everything will work in the end.
Afulki PRO 10 years ago
Anyone know if there is a way to control the EXIF tag names?

e.g. Nikon has a tag in it's NEFs called ShutterCount, which is recognised by Flickr and displayed in the EXIF data on your pictures. However if you export via Lightroom this number gets exported as ImageNumber.
me, charlotte PRO 10 years ago
I am (was) using flickr Export tool, have any of you been able to combine that with LR? Seems like I cannot make a reference to the application
method photo 10 years ago
Make an Alias/Shortcut and put in your Export Actions folder

Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Export Actions

PS: C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Adobe\Lightroom\Export Actions

Richard Earney

Chris Laurence PRO 10 years ago
On PC, this approach isn't working for me. Flickr Uploader opens momentarily, then closes.

Anyone else face or solve this problem?
moooster 10 years ago
Run uploadr first and leave it open. When you export with LR, the photos usually appear in uploadr. Sometimes it still crashes for me though.
roland PRO 10 years ago
i use picturesync to upload photos on my mac that lightroom has exported to jpeg, works great!

RBerteig PRO 10 years ago
@Afulki, It would be possible to use ExifTool to create an export action that moved or purged any bits of EXIF data you wanted to. I just peeked at a couple of shots, and it appears that the original ShutterCount is from the Nikon MakerNote, and LR has graciously preserved this in its XMP block as ImageNumber. I don't know if it would be possible (or even a good idea) to try to have EXIFTOOL create a fresh Nikon MakerNote for the file, but it might be possible to get it to copy the MakerNote from the original NEF if you haven't changed the file name with the export.

It would probably be better to talk Flickr into supporting more of the XMP block's content, and safer too.
Chris Laurence PRO 10 years ago
I tried the approach suggested above to "run unloadr first and leave it open." Does this suggestion literally mean I have to upload something first, and leave it open, or just open it, logged in, and leave it open?

No luck so far...
RBerteig PRO 10 years ago
Chris Laurence, it works for me, at least the one time I've actually done it since I created the shortcut.

The Uploadr installation left a shortcut on my desktop which I had never bothered to dispose of, so I simply copied it into the Export Actions folder.

I did run Uploadr first, meaning I just let it open its window. I haven't had the excuse to try it without first running Uploadr. In principle that could work too.

When the export finished, Uploadr is now filled with the exported files and waiting for me to click the Upload button, and identify a set and default privacy as usual.

I would imagine that if you had never used Uploadr at all it would be a good idea to use it to upload at least one file manually so that you go through the API authentication stuff in the usual way.
timsieler 10 years ago
If you are working with Windows Vista, i want to give you the tip, that the Directory with the ApplicationData now known is as C:\Users\YOURACCOUNTNAME\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom\Expor Actions\
If you create there a kink to the flickr Uploadr, it will appear as Editor after ExportAction.

So good luck for all Vista Users in special (the punished) and all the other to...
2shadowland 10 years ago
aperture can do that if you want & put your copyright on every pics you upload
BaldyOne 10 years ago
I tried the uploadr last night, simply dropped the shortcut into the export actions directory and voila! works like a charm, auto resizing can be done in LR export, copyright, dpi changes all automatic! Would make spamming flickr a breeze ;D
RBerteig PRO 10 years ago
I accidentally exported to my Uploadr shortcut without first launching Uploadr the other day, and it crashed Uploadr quite completely. I haven't investigated the actual cause yet, but just opening Uploadr first and waiting for it to admit that it has connected and knows about my account seems to make a big difference.

This is with XP Pro with lots o' memory and plenty o' CPU and Uploadr 2.4 in case you mileage differs ;-)
Alexander Kiel PRO 10 years ago
Yes same at me. Start Uploadr first and it won't be crash.
theotherlinh PRO 10 years ago
Anyone having issues w/ the Title in Lightroom translating to the Title field for flickr? All I get is the filename unfortunately. It's in the properties as a "(Title)" in flickr, and all the keywords show up as tags. Using OSX.
splitlenz 10 years ago
Works for me! w00t!

remember to start flickr uploader first!
It only crashed once for me, after that it kept working.
mjpi PRO 10 years ago
good thread - helped me sort this "interface" between LR and flickr....

one habit I have is to have the filename (xxxx.jpg) as a tag...(so I can x-ref if I need to) any ideas on how to make the filename a tag on upload? (or as part of the LR workflow?)
RBerteig PRO 10 years ago
anonymous linh, I can't reproduce this here. Every time I filled in the Title field in the LR metadata panel, that very title text has made it to Flickr intact. Same for the keywords and description.

According to ExifTool, LR put the text from the Title edit box into EXIF fields Object Name and Title. I don't know which of those Flickr explicitly used.

mjpierson, You could probably use a batch file (or shell script on the Mac) to have EXIF tool add the file name into the content of the EXIF tags Keywords and Subject, both of which seem to be filled by LR with the keywords from the metadata panel. For extra credit, finish the script by launching Uploadr which may require some additional Windows magic....
verseguru Posted 10 years ago. Edited by verseguru (member) 10 years ago
Just to clarify, Lightroom writes the 'Title' to the "Object"/Product field, not the "Headline" field. If you use PictureSync to upload simply enable the swap Title/Headline rule. (See here for Lightroom instructions.) (I'm PictureSync's dev.)
mphoenix PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by mphoenix (member) 10 years ago
Wow! Great discussion thread! I just uploaded my first picture to flickr from Lightroom using dante's solution :-)
thekevster PRO 10 years ago
Please help. I have tried doing this. Initially I cannot find the Apps folder to see where presets are. I could with 1.0 but not 1.1. Anyway altered settings to allow presets to be stored with backup catalogs but still when I paste in flickr shortcut nothing appears in Lightrooms preset exports folder.
What is this numbskull doing wrong please?
thekevster PRO 10 years ago
Cancel last post. I have done it using this method
AdaMacey 10 years ago
Is there any way using this method to control the order they're uploaded in apart from uploading them one at a time?
Ascites29 10 years ago
bitrot - thanks for the above step-by-step... you've saved future me some time...
@englishinvader PRO 10 years ago
Thanks for sharing that blogpost 'theKevster' and to everyone else's tips - think I know what I'm doing now!
theotherlinh PRO 10 years ago
RBerteig, I realized I did not mention I'm on a Mac. The flickr uploader for Mac unfortunately pre-fills the title with the filename. If you clear the filename, then flickr will then look in the IPTC data for a title.

That is fine, except when I have 100 photos to batch upload... I don't want to clear each individual title :(

Has anyone figure out a decent way to do all this on a mac? The automator script is alright, but can't define photosets exactly. I love flickr export for aperture, mainly because it works so nicely, and that it creates tags based on full multiword keywords and splits them up as well.
slingload 10 years ago
I am also hoping that a simple plug-in, similar to FlickrExport for Aperture, will be created for Mac users. FlickrExport makes it amazingly easy to upload my photos from Aperture without requiring extra steps.

This is one of the primary reasons why I am still using Aperture. I would probably switch to Lightroom if someone created this plug-in.
Brooks Seymore Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Brooks Seymore (member) 10 years ago
The Lightroom folks have let it be known that someday a SDK for Lightroom will be released. Once that comes out, we'll see a host of plug-ins start to come out.
Dave Pattinson [deleted] 10 years ago
I tried it and it works, thanks Bitrot
Rachel-B PRO 10 years ago
I have a question - my tags do indeed get uploaded with my file, but they are grouped altogether, not separated out by word. Is there something special I need to do to get them to upload to flickr separated. I am using flickr uploader and have lightroom 1.1 running on windows vista, if that matters.
AdaMacey 10 years ago
Rachel, are you seperating them with a comma in Lightroom itself?
Rachel-B PRO 10 years ago
no, do you need to do that? I was reading about that someone put commas in, and it didn't really help, but maybe I was reading it wrong. I will give that a try...
Shootin' the breeze 10 years ago
I use commas on mine and they appear as you expect one per line. I also still use the " " to group words with spaces and they behave as expected in Flickr.
AdaMacey Posted 10 years ago. Edited by AdaMacey (member) 10 years ago
I'm using Windows in case that makes any difference, but what I do in Lightroom is simply edit my keywords by typing them with commas separating them. You don't need to use "" to group multiple words that you want to appear as one tag, you just don't use a comma

Say for example I have the following entered in as the keywords for a photo in lightroom

cyron, photo, my photo, 2007

The image will upload with 4 keywords on flickr. They will be

my photo

If I didn't use the commas, then they would all upload as one giant keyword on flickr
Tom Armitage PRO 10 years ago
if you don't separate them with commas, they end up as one giant keyword inside Lightroom, too...
Shootin' the breeze 10 years ago
Ah cool cyron saves me a few keystrokes
Rachel-B PRO 10 years ago
thanks for the info!
Phil Peck 10 years ago
Thanks so much for this. Great way to same me a few steps.
Bosman Photography 10 years ago
I have done all this and no flikr dialog opens up in the lightroom export pull down menu as an option.
"1. Make a shortcut to "C:\Program Files\Flickr Uploadr\Flickr Uploadr.exe" in "C:\Documents and Settings\YOURNAMEHERE\Application Data\Adobe\Lightroom\Export Actions"

2. Open the Export dialog (File / Export...) and use the settings shown below:"

What am i missing? Oh and is this going to work on lightroom 1.1?
Neini 10 years ago
I am confused on one point.

I have manged exporting and launching the Flickr Uploadr successfully.

*But*, I am unsure what to do about the file Format combo.

If you choose Original, files that have been modified (cropped) are exported in their unmodified form, while if you choose Jpeg - the images are recompressed.

Since I am not working with RAW files this is a problem.

Any ideas? Any way to selectively export Original files for untouched images along with their modifed neighbors?

In any case it is a shame you can't overrwrite an image with its changes using a simple save command.
Honoo Flammen 10 years ago
@Neini: If you're not working with RAW files (JPEG, I presume) then you can either recompress as JPEGs or you can use one of the larger uncompressed file sizes that Flickr accepts. I'm not at home so I don't know if PNG is an option but that would be the only choice if you absolutely do not want your photos to be recompressed. Flickr also accepts TIFFs but once those are uploaded, they'll get recompressed as a JPEG.

In any case it is a shame you can't overrwrite an image with its changes using a simple save command.
That would require recompressing the image in the case of JPEG files which is exactly what the Export command does.
AdaMacey 10 years ago
Why is it a problem to have it re compressed? If you use the lowest level of compression, no one on flickr will see the difference from one extra compression, and your originals in Lightroom will still be unaltered.
Neini 10 years ago
Two reasons:

1. Recompressing with lowest compression often results in files that are actually *larger* than the original.

2. I treat my Flickr images as originals, and therefore want to store maximum quality there.
AdaMacey 10 years ago
I'm still missing something here.

Lets pretend you shoot in JPEG and don't use LR.

You get your photo from the camera, you copy it (non destructively) then edit the copy and save the result (one destructive compression). You have an original file, and an edited file with one extra compression in place.

Now lets pretend you shoot in JPEG and do use LR.

You grab the photo from the camera. You import this in to LR and make some edits. These are non destructive edits, meaning that you have the original image untouched still on your hard drive (the edits are applied in real time when you view the image, or embedded in the image when you export it). Then, when you're happy with the result, you export a copy of the jpeg with the edits, leaving you with an untouched jpeg and an edited jpeg with one extra compression, exactly as if you weren't using LR.

Of course, if you are doing some edits in LR /and/ using an external editor to do some further edits, things get tricky, but even then you can do the export as a TIFF using lossless compression. It results in a big file getting the copy to the external editor, but you can save the result as a jpeg and delete the TIFF. This method also leaves you with an untouched jpeg as well as an edited jpeg with one extra compression ran on it
Honoo Flammen 10 years ago
To put what Cyron is saying in another way: If you shoot in JPEG and you wish to edit your photos and you wish to upload as JPEG, then you must destructively re-compress your image at least once.

If, however, you wish to treat your Flickr images as originals with the absolute maximum quality possible, then you will probably have to send the image to Photoshop (using the Edit in Photoshop command) as a PSD or TIFF and then save as a PNG there.
Neini 10 years ago
Yes I see this and understand it is necessary for modifications.

However, from the same shooting session there are often pictures which I leave intact (I am an amatueur :) and which I which to leave as is. When I then wish to upload the whole set, modifed images and unmodified images together, the export options of Lightroom fall short.
AdaMacey 10 years ago
Then why not just manually upload the untouched ones, leaving LR out of the equation?
Neini 10 years ago
That's what I'm doing now, but unfortunately this is not an "integrated workflow solution". What I have found (on my Mac) is that it is possible to drag photos from Lightroom (from the bottom strip) directly to the Flickr Uploadr application. This at least saves me from searching for them seperately in the Finder.
Stew Stryker PRO 10 years ago
To the original topic: Sweet! The tip for doing this worked perfectly, even if I don't already have the Flickr Uploader running when I do the export! I even created a second preset to constrain the max size, for the pix I don't want uploaded full-sized.

Jordan Perr 10 years ago
Nice, I think I may use iPhoto again just as a flickr uploader! I am sick and TIRED of all my tags being lost!
Stew Stryker PRO 10 years ago
Interestly, the suggested method seems to work erratically. I tried it for the first time booting my machine today with just 2 pix and it worked perfect. But then I sent 8 pix to it, I saw the Flickr Uploader start up for just a second, then quit. Lastly, I started the Flickr Uploader first, then did the Export w/ Preset and it worked great.

It's just strange to me that it worked the first time but not subsequent.
M1ckaB PRO 10 years ago
I also found the same problems as you. so I also start flickr uploader first then it work like a charm
Carl's Photography PRO 10 years ago
For all those having problems making it work I agree with STew.

*start flickr uploarder first*

then do your export. It is failing because flickr uploader connects first when launched and that delay kills things.
ColinGrayFive [deleted] 10 years ago
Just found this today, seems to work for me.

It let's you export from the Library module directly to Flickr.
Sean McCormack 10 years ago
The Lightroom SDK also lets you export to Flickr. Jeff's one has more stuff in it though and was written in parallel.

I've been using the SDK version successfully for a while. I love that it keeps the keywords correctly assigned as tags, unlike the Flickr uploader.

The last image I've uploaded to here was from the Lightroom Flickr Plugin.
Connemara Lake
BaldyOne 10 years ago
I use the flickr uploadr and that keeps the tags.. is there a platform difference? I use it on a mac (but I was convinced the windows one did the same)..
Sean McCormack 10 years ago
On Mac here too, in fact a number of them.
Flickr Uploader writes all the keywords into one super long tag between quotes, or simply tags them to the last one of others I've added manually.
jbimages PRO 10 years ago
@gray5 - does it separate your tags on upload? I have just tried it on a couple of uploads and found all my tags are in one long string. See the tags on
Bedlam Bay wharf
as an example.

If I export to a folder and use the flickr (supplied) uploader, the tags are separated.
Slightlynorth PRO 10 years ago
Are you separating your tags with commas within Lightroom?
jbimages PRO 10 years ago
@Slightlynorth, yes - the tags are correct in lightroom and show as separate keywords in an IPTC viewer.

I posted a question in the Adobe SDK list and received a reply from, Jeffery, the plugin writer who wrote:

"This is a result of the confluence of my general inexperience with keywords and an abundance of sloppiness on my part. As someone pointed out to me yesterday, it's even worse with my Zenfolio plugin, so I'm going to put my have-a-clue hat on and redo the keyword stuff in the next day or two...."

You can view the message at www.adobe.com/cfusion/webforums/forum/messageview.cfm?cat....
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