akhater 6:26am, 5 February 2009
Hey Folks!

Great work on the Jan assignment and I am sorry for being a bit behind but I was in Qatar last week working my @$$ off didn't have the time to connect.

Well I propose for February to shoot "CURVES" I will update this with the official post link once available.

Cheers everyone
time for a new beginning [deleted] 8 years ago
Looking forward to the link...
RomyFoto PRO 8 years ago
I have a question...does the "assignment" each month relate to all the posts for the month? which in-turn may be picked for your ADIDAP blog???? or is the "assignment" a completely different thing?
the reason I ask is because I noticed that not all ADIDP shots from last month screamed "winter assignment" .......I may just have answered my own question -but please confirm :) thanks!
and hope you have at least a little bit of @$$ left from last weeks work overload (lol)
akhater 8 years ago
The thing is that some readers wanted the group to have only specific themes but I didn't like the idea since I don't want to restrict people to a specific theme for submitting to the group so I've decided to add these assignments.

I will also do a post on the best of the assignments once per month, Jan one should be online as soon as I find enough time to breath :)
Miss Laid Plot PRO 8 years ago
Does the photo have to be taken in the month of the assignment? i.e. anything I submit for Feb 'curves' has to have been taken in Feb? Or can I just choose something from my photostream I took before? THX!
akhater 8 years ago
I don't think I can be too picky about it since it is so easy to change the EXIF of a picture but I'd say let's try to take the picture DURING the assignment period.

The whole purpose of the assignment is to help developing a critical eye :)
piston9 [deleted] 8 years ago
Best so far for me -


camera.wes 8 years ago

Here's mine, is this where we post?
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