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Peter Branger ADMIN October 23, 2018
Voting is on for the Glass assignment!

This week's assignment is TBD.

This month's assignment is "Your Favorite Picture of the Month"

Group Description

Active Assignment Weekly: A mile in my shoes — VOTING - View this group's photos on Flickriver
Active Assignment Weekly


You are an avid photographer; pro, semi-pro, amateur or just starter. You're getting tired of the same old same old, and need someone to kick you in the pants and give you that extra JOLT to think and get CREATIVE.

You're also interested in giving and receiving honest feedback on what does and does not work with photographs. You must be competitive to some degree, and desirous to learn more and improve your skills.

Each week, drop on by and take a look through the gallery of photos. You can submit a photo or two of your own, or comment on others that have been posted, and vote as well on those who are all competing for Best of Week honours.

Photo Submissions, Comments and Votes

Submissions: Should you have a qualifying photo ready to submit for the current Weekly assignment, please add it directly to the Pool. Monthly photo submissions are submitted as a comment to the discussion thread that details the assignment – this is to avoid confusion with the many overlapping weeks of the same timeline.

Comments: Anyone is welcome to comment on photos found in our group's pool. Please offer helpful praise and constructive critiques. We want to keep it friendly and provide a comfortable learning environment for everyone to enjoy.

Voting: If you find one that you feel best represents that week's assignment, and is the best of the submissions, then follow these two steps to place your vote:

First, post your comment thusly: I voted this "BestOfWeek#" (from Active Assignment Weekly group). where # = sequential number of vote.

You may cut and paste this link into your comments:
I voted this "Best of Week #" (from <a href="">Active Assignment Weekly</a> group).

Second, please TAG the photo with:
"Best of Week #" — where # = sequential number of vote.
If there are two previous votes, your vote tag would show up as Best of Week 3.

Submissions and Voting Deadlines

Time remaining calculator here.

Timeline for each week:

Each new assignment week starts at 8pm Monday UTC. (Also known as GMT). Photos for the assignment may be taken anytime once the assignment task is posted, but they may only be submitted to the group during the assignment week.

Assignments end at 8pm Monday UTC (or GMT).
Voting can take place anytime once a photo is submitted, but all voting must be completed twenty-four hours after the close of the assignment.

As with many other groups, votes without tags do not count. To cast a valid vote, be sure you leave a comment and a tag.

That takes us to 8pm Tuesday UTC.

Winners are announced after votes are tallied.

In the event of a tie, voting will occur over a further twenty-four hours. Those whose submissions are in the tie, may not vote. Tie-break votes may be cast by those who have not yet voted on any of the submissions in the tie.

That takes us to 8pm Wednesday UTC.

2 days later: 8pm Friday UTC
By now, the winner ('topic chooser') should have made their choice of topic, and started the weekly topic thread.

'Journalists' then have 72 hours to think about topic for the coming week.

3 days later, and
Change of week: 8pm Monday UTC

In case you're wondering about the above times, and when they occur in your time zone, there's a "time remaining calculator" on a web page here. Feedback on the calculator is appreciated, via flickr message.

The DOs and The DON'Ts

The DOs

DO Tag your photos with "Active Assignment Weekly".

DO Post "What it took" to get the photograph in the description area below the photo.

DO Post up to 2 pictures for any given assignment. If you post a 3rd without being invited by an admin, you forfeit the assignment. Period.

DO Critique at least three other photos posted.

DO Encourage your fellow photographers. Offer suggestions, advice, pointers etc. You will find that by teaching, you will learn more.

DO Vote for 1 or 2 pictures (not your own) when each week's assignment ends or, each month's assignment ends. Note: Only ONE of your votes per picture. The winner is declared as the one with the most votes by different members. While you can vote for any one or two pictures you like, you really should treat your votes as Gold. The one with the most 'gold' wins.

DO Suggest assignments in the appropriate thread here.

DO Post your winning entries in The Magazine and then you're entitled to choose or make the next week's assignment in the Assignment Suggestions thread.

DO Have fun on the assignments! Get out! Go somewhere different.

The DON'Ts

DON'T Post OLD photos, or photos that were taken BEFORE the date the assignment is posted. The idea here is to get ACTIVE, get off the couch, get going, and let us see the world as you see it through the lens.

DON'T Post to other groups' pools until after all voting has finished for that week's cycle. Adhering to this makes it simpler to follow the discussion, and voting.

DON'T Post any kind of sexual, pornographic, violent or otherwise generally offensive photos or material here. There are loads of groups specifically for that. This is not one of them.

DON'T Be a Troll.

DON'T Leave personally disparaging, ad hominem, or otherwise insulting comments about the photographer. If the photo you're doing a critique on is REALLY, REALLY bad, take the high road and give some constructive advice.

DON'T Get hurt working on the assignments!

Check here for news & updates

30th July 2008
Monthly assignment rules changed to match weekly assignment rules - photos may be taken anytime from the day the assignment is first posted until the close. For monthly assignments, you can paste your photos in the thread as soon as the assignment topic is posted.

30th July 2007
Redbot Announced!

30th December 2006
Changed date photo taken rule to cover from date the assignment is first posted to the end of regular assignment week. Discussion here.

15th September 2006
DOs and DON'Ts reviewed.

24th August 2006
Voting times extended to 24-hours, and start/end of week moved back by 12-hours.

3rd August 2006
Introducing Dares — a new element of weekly assignments here on Active Assignment Weekly.

28th July 2006
N.B. Although the flickr limit has been set to four photos per week, this is to sidestep timing issues. The limit in the 'DOs' above, of two submissions per assignment, is still very much in place.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 4 things to the pool each week.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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