NormanKlipspringer 12:07pm, 4 June 2019
Apologies mistyped the date before. The correct date is - Monday 24th June 1400.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I heard today that Chris has passed away. I was phoned by his son Adrian.
He told me that he had been ill for several months and ended up in a nursing home. He had heart trouble after his stroke and was falling all the time. He died of heart failure.
I am sure many of you will have fond memories of Chris. I remember him best from his contributions at our Achilles get togethers and the discussions we had around my dining table.
The funeral is on Monday 24th June at 1400 at Llanelli crematorium. Contibutuions to the British Heart Foundation in lieu of flowers.
I intend to go. If anyone else fancies going and perhaps meeting up then get in touch through my email
hotfoot_24 2 years ago
Regretfully I was too late into the Achilles game to meet him in person but he built some fine boats.

Please extend my condolences to his family & friends.
Daddsie 2 years ago
Interesting character, greatly underrated, was unlucky in business but certainly had an eye for making money and loosing it. I hope that the yachting press do him and his family proud. Cheerio Chris.
Red Marlin 2 years ago
Jan and I did attend especially as we both met him a few times in the 1980's. Thank you Norman and Sue for your help. The family were all in attendance and justifyably proud.
No he never has received the recognition he deserves. However at 87 his time sailing and producing yachts was relatively short and a long time ago. Late 60's to mid 80's. But a lot was achieved in those short years. Many a boat builder stopped producing yachts around that time. I asked Chris why. He replied with a sigh "we built them too good" true enough and Chris in particular. Too many good second hand boats on the market to compete with especially as new ones had higher resin prices to pay.- He could have sold the moulds to recover some cash. Not Chris, if he could not control the quality nobody else was going to produce them so out came the chain saw and that was the end.
Tony and Jan
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