Cheek Block

b.mercer 6:02pm, 24 March 2014
I was just pulling up my genoa in the foil today and one of the tufnol cheek blocks broke on its back plate around the screw holes . Does anyone know where to find these ?
Maine CB3 is the marking .
AchillesHeeled 5 years ago
They're long defunct. Replace with Barton no. 3 (I think!). These fit neatly onto the raised pad. They have four screw holes - two of which align with the existing holes.
NormanKlipspringer 5 years ago
Tufnol cheek blocks are available but have 4 holes similar to the Barton. Boat jumbles are only likely source for originals.
pjbharrison 5 years ago
Got a photo and dimensions?
A264 Clytie 5 years ago
b.mercer 5 years ago
I was afraid they were defunct. I shall pop down to Davey and have a look at their tufnol cheek blocks when I have taken the old one off. Sadly got to tackle the roof lining again just when I had got it back after the wiring saga !
Andrew W500 5 years ago
Hi Bob, you could always try Roger Taylor for parts, as he said during a conversation we'd had after his presentation at Burnham-on-Crouch, that he had a bucket of fittings he removed when redesigning Ming Ming 2. Alternatively you could ringing TSC chandlery at Foxton Road in Grays. I'm sure I saw an old style cheek block in what could be tufnol, certainly that colour recently.
b.mercer 5 years ago
Andrew, I do remember him saying that although I wasn't sure how ready he was to part with anything. I will try him and your people in Grays. Thanks.
Have you got your hood from Garlands ?
Andrew W500 5 years ago
Hi Bob, yeah the Sprayhood has arrived but not yet fitted, so no report on the quality of its manufacture just yet although an initial inspection looked promising. As soon as I do I'll let you know and even post a picture! On the rest of the refit front, I've redone my u bolts, removed all the lining from the cabin (searching for the source of the water drips) and will be replacing the windows shortly. Once I've put the battery back in I've got to connect a NASA BM1 monitor and a mini contest compass but they're idiot proof so I should be ok there. When are you going back in?
b.mercer 5 years ago
Week beginning the 7th April although the boat is/was ready hence putting on the sails yesterday in case the yard want to do it early. If the weather stays it will be a grand start to the season !
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