b.mercer 5:55pm, 19 February 2014
I have been trying for some time to connect my C180i chartplotter which I have had for some time to a Standard Horizon GX1100E dsc radio that I installed last year. Both work fine but I cannot get them to connect with a position to the radio. I have checked the NMEA Data page on the plotter and can get no info on the PORT 1 AND 2 DATA pages. On the GPS page I get lots of data. I have tried to connect all the right wires etc but now accept defeat. The BAUD is right on both .
Could it be that there is no data output being created ?
I am right out of my depth here.
spearhead_027 5 years ago
Very likely. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with either of the components that you're trying to marry, but I suspect that you're very close to success and it's just a matter of getting the software right.
If you have it, I suspect a careful re-reading of the handbook for the plotter will fill the missing link. Best wishes,
pjbharrison Posted 5 years ago. Edited by pjbharrison (member) 5 years ago
Is this of any use?


Might be a silly question.... does your chartplotter have an internal aerial or does it require and external one?

CP180i has internal aerial

CP180 needs external aerial
NormanKlipspringer 5 years ago
Not familiar with your equipment. On my Garmin chartplotter the transmission must be switched on in the menu otherwise nothing. Good luck.
AchillesHeeled 5 years ago
A voltmeter attached across the +ve and -ve outputs of the plotter should tell you whether it's sending a signal. If there is no negative output wire then use the battery -ve.
b.mercer 5 years ago
Paul, it has the internal Ariel and works really well except this !
I shall certainly test the outputs. A boatyard friend is bringing a meter tomorrow hopefully so we shall check it out then.
I think I have checked all the settings in the setup menu, Norman, yesterday. I had hoped to find something then but all appeared correct.
rothwell_neil Posted 5 years ago. Edited by rothwell_neil (member) 5 years ago

I hooked my CP150 to a GX1100 with no problems, Green and blue plotter to green and blue VHF, should both be NMEA0183?
Pin 3 and 4 on plotter to green blue on VHF. BUT Paul's document suggests brown gps out to blue vhf in!!! From memory think it was brown!

Check the menus to be sure NMEA0183 as my present gps allows multiple options.



b.mercer 5 years ago
Thanks for that. I am checking again tomorrow. I feel certain I have done it by the book more than once . I am testing the ports again following advice now from Standard Horizon technical desk. NMEA0183 and BAUD4800 on both. If no good I shall see what they suggest at S.H. I cant help but think something is wrong with the ports.
Failing that I can get it all tested in Maldon by Mansbrite, who are really top people for electronic virgins like me .
rothwell_neil 5 years ago
Good luck with that, I now use a Garmin Geko to drive the GPS on the DCS, Not so tricky on the Garmin as power red and black only two other wires out for GPS.

This works really well as the Geko is powered by the 12V or by battery. Was tempted by a plotter but with the Navionics on tablet and phone and all the way points in the geko, which can be moved to a mount in the cockpit, decided against. If you do struggle then a Geko secondhand from ebay normally only costs a tenner.

b.mercer 5 years ago
I like the chart plotter a lot but the Geko linked to the radio sounds like a simple solution.
If I don't get it sorted I will definitely go that route.
I am waiting on Standard Horizon for their next advice now. Drawn a blank today.
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