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Volvo Penta Gearbox

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rothwell_neil says:

My mate has a Beneteau Oceanis 32 (used to have an A24 but wife refused to sleep on it.)

The Volvo Penta on it has a problem with the friction plate on the clutch and this won't disengage from forward which is a tad of a problem when berthing at the posh marina at Ambleside.

He has been quoted £1,000 to change the plate, anyone got any experience on changing these? Seems expensive for a friction plate.
9:15AM, 27 January 2014 PDT (permalink)

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spearhead_027 says:

Don't know anything about Volvo Pentas, but this sounds to me more like a linkage problem. Seems to me that the quote leaves plenty of room for the unexpected, which is probably what they are expecting....
69 months ago (permalink)

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