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Adding curtains

closed title [deleted] says:

Hey all, I searched but couldn't find this mentioned anywhere...

My Achilles 24 (fin keel, inboard diesel, circa '76 or '79?) doesn't have curtains. Not a huge issue when day-sailing, but overnights can be a bit tough when the sun blasts through the windows at 6AM.

Been thinking of adding small curtains for a while, preferably ones which can be removed except on overnights.

Either using curtain wire stretched across the windows, or else by attaching velcro top and bottom.

Has anyone done this? Any good ideas or photographs? I suspect, given the angle of the deck, that I'd need to attach the curtains above *and* below the windows.

Obviously I'm not too keen on screwing anything into the coachroof, but I can imagine taut curtain wire pulling out whatever I've glued to the coachroof.
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b.mercer says:

My wife's immediate contribution to my boat was to make curtains and some scatter cushion's. Nothing since. The curtains are on curtain wire top and bottom fixed to solid brass hooks screwed into the plywood roof lining. They are a blue/white stripe and the some of the cushions match and some are a skull and crossbones pattern. The curtains work perfectly !
Sometimes she comes for a sail and is very particular about opening the curtains before we go and closing them when we return. Good crew are very hard to find.
I hope I have photos !
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b.mercer says:

I have checked and I do have at least one after a lot of bike stuff.
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busy home [deleted] says:

Dillon Winter KTL found covers on Katey v s windows I thought were brill
Just cut out templates of 3mm hard foam stuff like sleeping mat stuff. Just jammed in.
Light simple totally removable ..
On the first one in his garden,
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Amrum 9171Y says:

A photo of what my wife did on the 840 - www.flickr.com/photos/32058683@N02/6962401397/
They work well, and look great!
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Skykomish1 says:

here is a picture of what we did on Aeolus when we had her. secured a batten across the top of the windows, I think using a couple of the frame screws on the outside then attached curtain wire. it does not have to be under too much tension particularly if you put a central hook to support the wire
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spearhead_027 says:

I have a substantial roll of sticky-backed Velcro which could be used for this job. But unfortunately the glue has gone runny over the years - does anyone have a formula for re-stabilising it, or alternatively removing the glue entirely?
I'd gladly donate a length to Dermot and another to the chemist who comes up with the answer!

P.S: I've got a Fred Carpenter bike too!
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