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beaching leg bolts

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bengunn2 says:

Good morning, I am about to move my newly acquired A24 sail no. 141, down to the yard to start the refit, I'm sure it's already been covered somewhere, but, does anyone have the thread dimensions for the leg attatchment.

Thank you, Ian
1:09AM, 27 November 2013 PDT (permalink)

busy home [deleted] says:

Whitwoth.. I think 5/8 But will check later today ... I have made 4 sets of legs for members . but Steel has doubled in price and postage trippled ..
Most things are covered on my photostream .. Just click on 324,
Page 10 ... .... Not sizes just pics of legs..
Originally posted 69 months ago. (permalink)
busy home edited this topic 69 months ago.

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bengunn2 says:

Thanks Ron, looks like 5/8th but did not take thread gauges on last visit, I think I counted 11 tpi which I think would indicate wht.,but only guessed the inch so could be wrong. Still, she will be in the yard next week soI can get stuck in, and get all the grime off first.

Thanks again Ian.
69 months ago (permalink)

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Freebird 1011 says:

Not sure what you want to do but most boats can be supported well with a 6 X 3 inch length of timber about foot longer than the distance from bottom of keel to deck and some creative lashing to the shroud attachments. Drill holes in the timber to attach the lashing.
69 months ago (permalink)

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