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A264 Clytie says:

18 years after selling A139 Idlevice I've bought another, the triple keel A264 Phaedra which I shall be renaming 'Clytie'.

I suspected when I joined the forum this might lead into deep water but I am quietly very pleased to have committed to the same class in which I had so much fun those years ago.

I will be shipping her out to Singapore in mid-December by flat rack container (40',end pieces only, no sides or top), chocked under the bilge keels and a support piece under the bow and stern. As many as 5 truck straps with rachets to firmly hold her stable on the container bed. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. One of Maersk's finest is already booked to carry her ex-Felixstowe arriving 30 days later.

The import paperwork is extensive however I have time to prepare.

My cruising ground will be Singapore and the nearby Indonesian islands and the east/west coast of Johor, southern Malaysia. It might get warm down below.

My twins sons will be 12 years old in a couple of months and I look forward to overnight trips and visiting the ships at anchor off Singapore.

I would like to thank those members whose boats I looked at but wasn't able to buy - sorry - and also those whose boats I nearly looked at but didn't (my loss) and I hope they are able to find new owners soon.

'Here we go....' ;-)
6:32AM, 14 November 2013 PDT (permalink)

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b.mercer says:

Happy days, happy sailing when you get her there.
69 months ago (permalink)

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AchillesHeeled says:

Wow, how exciting! All the best to you
69 months ago (permalink)

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Vab2009 says:

Good luck with her!! It is nearly 30 years since my last sail in an Achilles 24 and I still look back with enjoyment!
69 months ago (permalink)

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pjbharrison says:

Good luck with the new boat, Richard.
Post some photos of her in her new home.

There are about 10 Achilles 24s in County Down.
Bangor, Donaghadee and Groomsport.
I'm sure a sail could be arranged next season.
69 months ago (permalink)

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Fast Lex says:

Wish bon voyage !! Have fun and of course send us updates with nice pics !! rgs Alex
69 months ago (permalink)

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