A264 Clytie 9:04am, 16 September 2013
Probably worth no more than 500 pounds bearing in mind the replacement parts, engine, standing/running rigging etc.. that would be needed.

Now, where's Ron? ;-)

busy home [deleted] 5 years ago
If the roof is wet,,,,,,,, they would have to pay me to remove it,
Skykomish1 5 years ago
mmm looking at the pictures it appears that there are a few leaks from rainwater and agree that this is certainly not worth the £1600 being asked especially as it is likely that new sails will be needed... but for a talented man who likes a challenge... Ron.. this would present little difficulty..;-)
busy home [deleted] 5 years ago
Ron has enough to do..
Merlin Goskar Rosalee Carrie Anne...
Yes they are simple to do, and ive got templates jigs experience .. tools,, shed.,,
But the heart is weak so no more thanks.
PhilJazz 5 years ago
Hi guys. Not sure how this got on eBay as it is MINE! It is for sale, and I think the person who keeps it for me (knowing I want to sell it) has put it up for sale on eBay to test the water (?) I've owned it since 1994 and I have a full history. If you want to know about it, just ask.
pjbharrison 5 years ago
Hi Phil
Are you sailing an Achilles 9m now?
PhilJazz 5 years ago
Hi, no I moved to an 840 fin called Goldilocks. I was about to start work on my 24 Blue Haven (having neglected it during a period of illness and during my PhD) when last year I spotted Goldilocks for sale in Bristol. My wife immediately took to the extra room in the 840. So, all my efforts have been with the new boat. Blue Haven looks grotty having sat in a yard since 2008. I had her surveyed a couple of years ago just to confirm she was sound before committing time and money. She got a clean bill of health and I was told to slap a fresh coat of paint on her topsides, antifoul her and stick her on the water. Having owned the Blue Haven since 1994 and knowing her full history, I was reluctant to change. But a growing family means the 24 was a bit small for anything other than weekends. But I do miss not being able take the ground in quiet harbours :-(
pjbharrison 5 years ago
Good luck with the sale.
What is her sail number? You should tell the next owner about this site.
I changed from an Achilles 24 to a 9m this year.
Got some pics of Goldilocks? Where is she kept?
PhilJazz 5 years ago
Just uploading some pics. She's in Milford Marina now. I sailed her there from Bristol via Penarth last year. The sail from Penarth was done over night leaving the lock in Cardiff at 21:30 and locking in to Milford at 14:30 the next day. There was too little wind so quite a bit of it was done using the engine.
pjbharrison 5 years ago
I Bought Boomerang in Milford Haven. Didn't see Goldilocks when I was there. Saw another 840, Khajuraho.
PhilJazz 5 years ago
Yep! I'm on the next pontoon one berth from the far end. I've been there since Aug 2012. I have some bigger boats around me so I'm a bit obscured.
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