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Henderson mkV bilge pump not working

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Vidwatts says:

I've discovered two things recently: Aeolus is leaking and the bilge pump doesn't work.

There's no evidence that water is leaking through inside the boat so, looking back through earlier posts, I suspect the traveller needs re-sealing as I can see water in the depths of the aft lockers. (Malcolm - in a post from about five years ago you mentioned this as something on your to-do list: did it ever get done? I've not noticed the water greeting into the bilge until recently)

The discovery of water in the bilge has also brought to my attention that the bilge pump doesn't work. It is the original Henderson MkV - I see service kits are readily available: have others used these successfully or do I need to be aware of anything before purchasing?
10:41AM, 8 September 2013 PDT (permalink)

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jendave2 says:

I got the service kit and replaced all the bits. It worked and was easy enough.
71 months ago (permalink)

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pjbharrison says:

I got a kit for 30 Euros last month and serviced my Mk V too. Easy to do, no problems.
71 months ago (permalink)

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NormanKlipspringer is a group administrator NormanKlipspringer says:

I serviced mine with no problems.
71 months ago (permalink)

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Skykomish1 says:

Hi David, yes I sealed the traveller but probably only enough to stop the leak that I was getting at the time. I only applied sealant in situ which seemed to do the job, Ideally I would have removed it and bedded sealant in. Not sure how much water you are getting in the bilge but I have found that with Skykomish there has to be a fair amount to actually prime the bilge pump and suck it all out though our bilge is very deep and so there is quite a lift required... we have a small electric back up pump on a stick that we use for small puddles in the bilge.... Skykomish leaks like a sieve through the engine access hatch in the cockpit despite this being replaced about a year ago.
71 months ago (permalink)

busy home [deleted] says:

The normal sealer stuff from a tube ,, hardens and in time cracks with movement ..(gybing etc) Ive been using CTI lately .. clear or white.. MAgic stuff ... Flexible water proof .
My old Zodiac always went down (various mini seam failure,,, ) Ive cured that with CTI..
My conservatory roof leaked around the plastic washers . Cured. It flexes.
Look on their web site. Glues anything to anything.
The Achilles seems to leak. Windows Seat piano hinges. Tracks. Forehatch.
Condensation (bad)....Chain plates.. etc.. Gob everything with a smear of clear.CTI
71 months ago (permalink)

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matthewA750 says:

I have moved the mainsheet traveller to the forward side of the bulkhead (so it shows from the cockpit) and glassed over the holes where it used to go through the deck. Has solved the leaks and is just as strong as before. As for the other leaks........
71 months ago (permalink)

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