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anchor well on an achilles 9m

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s j carter says:

I was wondering what others do with regards to anchor gear on an achilles 9m, on Trojan I have a 10 kg spade like anchor with 10 m of chain and lots of rope. I would like to have all chain but am worried about having all that chain in the anchor locker, has anyone ever modified the anchor well to divert most of the chain down into the bilge? would be very interested to find out. Cheers Simon
10:20AM, 1 September 2013 PDT (permalink)

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AchillesHeeled says:

I've got an 8kg anchor with 20m of 8mm chain on my Achilles with no problems (and would rather have 30m). Personally I'd add another 20m of chain and not worry about it. Sounds like a right faff letting it down into the bilge.
72 months ago (permalink)

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pjbharrison says:

If you don't have a windlass all chain would be a B***** to pull up by hand, even in calm conditions.
72 months ago (permalink)

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Freebird 1011 says:

Freebird has a 15kg Mason anchor as her main. New this year because I got fed up trying to get the old cqr to dig into the hard sand common in these parts. Attached to this is 20m of 10mm chain and then no end of rope. The anchor chain and some rope live in the anchor locker and more rope is fed through the tube to below for use in an emergency. Also down below is a 15kg Bruce and a 7kg kedge with about 15m of 8mm chain + rope.
Some may find all this hardware a bit ott but apart from spending a lot of time at anchor we sail on a very exposed coast where if we have to run for shelter we are more lightly to end up in a deserted bay than a comfy marina.
And yes before you ask getting that lot up can be a b***h!
72 months ago (permalink)

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Red Marlin says:

Red Marlin has a 15kg spade anchor and 60 metres of chain. An electric anchor winch helps get that lot in. It goes in the anchor locker OK but has to be constantly pulled back to stop it piling up and jamming. A bit over the top maybe but makes anchoring very secure. The locker lid had to be cut in two and the front half glassed in to mount the electric winch.
71 months ago (permalink)

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