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Radio and other instruments installation

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NormanKlipspringer is a group administrator NormanKlipspringer says:

Those of you who have been on the site for some time will remember me posting pictures of my instrument installation on Klipspringer. See the following for one of the pics.
Having now used this installation for sometime I thought it worthwhile giving some feedback.
Sailing single handed most of the time means that having the radio to hand while still having one hand on the tiller is fantastic, especially going through locks. Having the chart plotters and fishfinder easily seen makes navigation and pilotage much easier. In wet weather I have a transparent washboard which still allows me to see the instruments, while the inside remains dry. To use the radio I have to remove this washboard.
Going down below with the panel swung back still allows me to keep an eye on position and depth. When sleeping below I swing the panel back towards the steps which gives me more room inside. I have not found the space to be a problem, but then I only sleep on board by myself.
The brass hooks for holding the panel in its two positions work well in all sea conditions, keeping the unit steady.
I would not do anything different if I were to do it again.
Originally posted at 7:28AM, 16 July 2013 PDT (permalink)
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spearhead_027 says:

Brilliant - you should be able to make a living out of that!
75 months ago (permalink)

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pjbharrison says:

Looks great, Norman.
Brilliant that it works so well for you.

Would love to have similar on Boomerang
75 months ago (permalink)

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