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9 Metre rudder

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Red Marlin says:

Just had Red Marlin out of the water in Didim. Got one of the maintenance companies in the yard to anti foul. They did a great job and inspected the hull closely for any defects. When they put the first coat of primer on they found the bottom of the rudder to be wet. So they drilled a hole and loads of water came out. Dried it out (easy in 40 Deg C) and sealed it before painting. I know this is a situation with rudders that has had a lot of discussion. Against all advice I have used Turkish Polysan anti foul for the last 4 years but I have been satisfied with the results and at £50 cost effective in my view.
2:45AM, 22 June 2013 PDT (permalink)

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spearhead_027 says:

Hi, Tony,
There seems to be a certain volume in Achilles rudders which is empty space as standard. I think Chris B preferred that to filling it with wood or foam, because it can be easily drained if the need arises.
The water appears to get in through the pintle and, although one might expect there to be a risk of developing osmosis, it's noticeable that so far nobody seems to be complaining about it in rudders. I wouldn't be at all surprised if, the next time Red Marlin comes out, the rudder is dripping again - you might as well leave the drain hole as a fixture, in my opinion.
Regarding the anti-fouling, does Polysan conform to EU regs? I'm all for using the local brew in general - it's likely to be the most effective.
76 months ago (permalink)

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sailing bye1 says:

You might want to use a self tapping screw in the drilled hole for ease of draining in future.
76 months ago (permalink)

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