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Towing an Achilles 24 on a twin axle trailer

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trevorcastelino says:

Hi, I've just joined the site although I've had my Achilles 24 for 3 years now.

My problem is related to towing I was wondering whether anyone has experience of towing your Achilles 24 on a twin axle trailer?

I have a twin axle trailer made by RM Trailers, in very good condition, but the problem I have is that when towing and the wheels pass over a bump/undulation in the road, the trailer hitch 'pitches' a lot. The trailer first pushes the hitch forcefully upwards, then downwards, which over a long journey becomes quite uncomfortable in the car, as well as potentially over stressing the rear suspension.

I tow with a Jaguar XJ 2.7 TDVi (2006), which has excellent start up and torque characteristics for effortless towing. There is no 'snaking' of the trailer; the only problem is the constant 'pitching'. I also tow a 26' caravan on twin axles and have no pitching problems at all. Maybe it is the relatively high centre of gravity of the Achilles that causes the phenomena?

Has anyone experienced this effect or do you know of anyone else who has? I suspect that the nose weight on the trailer is too great (boat needs moving backwards on the trailer), but theoretically this should make the pitching less. Any feedback is welcomed.
2:42PM, 23 May 2013 PDT (permalink)

busy home [deleted] says:

Ive had my Achilles.s towed by a mate on a 4 wheeled trailer.
with a Nissan patrol and another with a Disco. I was a passenger.
No prob s at all. ,,
I would load the boat nose heavy,,
Or check if the boat is pitching on the trailer, O r the draw bar weak,
Take a rope from the bow to the tow ball?
Try harder rear shocks ?
75 months ago (permalink)

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sailing bye1 says:

Also look at moving back anchor and chain onto cabin floor, suggest hitch weight should be about 100lbs, check car handbook for manufacturers maximum.
I have towed single axle caravans up to 29cwt, and boats/trailers up to 30cwt for the last 40 years, when pitching always found stopping in a lay bye and moving weight into centre an advantage.
75 months ago (permalink)

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BERT A24 says:

I have towed an Achilles 24 fin keel from Portsmouth to Liverpool with a Mondeo Estate and had no problems at all. If you have the keel directly above the twin axles it should be nicely balanced. Photograph here: www.flickr.com/photos/89301433@N06/8583436416/
75 months ago (permalink)

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Daddsie says:

Manufacturers maximum towing weight for a Jag 2.7 is 1825KG all up.
75 months ago (permalink)

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