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Spinnaker snuffer

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Thetis2013 says:

This may seem like a laughable question, but if you've never used one, & don't know... well you don't know! ...Can anyone advise how to use what I presume to be a snuffer on the spinny?

I found it in with the spinny when checking the contents of the bag, there is like a rigid plastic 'mouth' (for want of a better description) from which follows a very long sock with a piece of line attached to the mouth and is fed all the way through the sock.

At first, I thought it maybe worked like a chute on a dinghy, until someone suggested over in the photo gallery it might be a snuffer. I've tried to get my head into how this thing works, but am being thick!

Having moved up from dinghy world, I am of course familiar with both the chute system & the traditional bucket & chuck it, but this is a new one on me.
4:18PM, 5 April 2013 PDT (permalink)

busy home [deleted] says:

The assembly is hoisted to the mast head with the spinny, in its folded state. a down hall attached to the plastic bit.. when hauled down it forms a condom around the spinny and that in turn is lowered.
78 months ago (permalink)

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BERT A24 says:

It makes life easier when hoisting the spinny as well, helps to stop it wrapping around the forestay. Has anybody heard of or know where I can get a Spinnaker Sally; it does the same job as a chute but without the chute, it has a series of rings which go round the spinny.
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NormanKlipspringer is a group administrator NormanKlipspringer says:

I found that it dould be more difficult to use than not especially if you have crew who know what they are doing. I have used it to launch the spinnaker from the cockpit under the mainsail with some success. it's main advantage is bringing the sail down when it is easy to depower the sail.
78 months ago (permalink)

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