Skykomish E29 8:38am, 3 October 2012
Skykomish is going on the Hard for the winter and I feel this would be a good opportunity to get the sails off for refurbishment/ clean. The foresail is on roller reefing, and to be honest haven't even looked at how it is attached.
Is there a specific way of removing this from the roller arrangement? I have only ever had hanked on sails before so never had to think about it.
any advice would be appreciated
busy home [deleted] 6 years ago
Undo the halliard and pull the sail down..
Skykomish E29 6 years ago
oh right the same as hanked on then
sailing bye1 6 years ago
You will need to un furl first!!!, seriously make sure it is not a windy day, prefer to do it while still afloat if possable, just my preference
Slycat777 6 years ago
It can be a bit stiff depending on how snug your sail fits into the channel on the furling gear.

It you think it might be stuff bring an extra pair of hands to assist in pulling the sail down higher up as you pull from the bottom.

In my experience it comes off fairly easily.
Skykomish E29 6 years ago
thanks for the info, we are actually out of the water now so will see how the weather shapes up over the next few weeks.
NormanKlipspringer Posted 6 years ago. Edited by NormanKlipspringer (admin) 6 years ago
Once removed from both the top and bottom furlers make sure you tie off the top one otherwise you may see it dissappear up the forestay.
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