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Howto: Connect a Midland Neptune 100 to a GPS.

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G4NLA1 says:

The manual for the Midland Neptune 100 is not very forthcoming as far as connecting it to a GPS sender. I have a Garmin 72 which has a 9 pin (DB9) socket.

The Neptune comes with an adapter that you have to wire up to a DB9 plug. Anyway, the green wire (signal ground) needs to be connected to pin 5 and the yellow wire needs to be connected to pin 2 (RX Data).

In the case of the Garmin 72 you need it to tell it to use the NMEA protocol which you do from the MAIN_MENU/SETUP/INTERFACE menu.

So now you know !...

Incidentally I went to an RF electronics conference recently. A company demonstrated a new GPS receiver module that uses both the American GPS and russian GLOPASS constellations to obtain a fix. These new GPS modules are incredibly sensitive (and astonishingly cheap). By way of an example, not one of us in the workshop could get a fix using any of our smartphones - but no problem for the new product. The nice field sales engineer gave me a development board and 10 of the modules to go away and play with...

Watch this space.....


12:34PM, 29 June 2012 PDT (permalink)

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NormanKlipspringer is a group administrator NormanKlipspringer says:

When I used a Garmin 72 on Archimedes I bought a Power data cable which allowed me to power the unit from the boats battery while at the same time send nmea signals to my radio- all through the same plug connection. This meant that in use the current draw was from the boat unless this supply was disrupted, in which case it would switch to its internal batteries - the perfect backup. I still use this on my Garmin GPS map 76CX.
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