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Pushpit fabrication

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roger.shorter says:

Spreader sorted next bit of storm damage to fix is our pushpit.
Having been bashed against the prom at Neyland our pushpit is beyond repair, the tubing is flattened and split in one place and the rest is skewed and bent up and back.
Does anybody know of an Achilles 24 pushpit for sale?
Are they all made from a single design drawing?
Are they interchangable from boat to boat?
Can anybody recommend a fabricator that all ready has the design or template for the pushpit?
Lastly does anybody have the original engineering drawings for the pushpit that we can copy?
Any suggestions and comments would be great thanks.
11:04AM, 20 June 2012 PDT (permalink)

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lukeeole says:

I would imagine that you are more than welcome to have a look at Eole's to get some idea of the shape (from memory i think we have slightly different designs)

give the old man a shout 01646 601905

He would probably suggest using Bob over in Pier Engineering in the dock, either that or the gentleman in the marina opposite Dale Sailing
86 months ago (permalink)

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Skykomish E29 says:

Is your Pushpit REALLY beyond repair I would imagine a new one would cost an arm and a leg, I know that when I had Aeolus's spray hood frame replaced the company were charging something stupid like £25 per bend in the stainless tube.
I would have thought a good engineer could cut out and repair / replace the damaged section, these guys are VERY skilled and can work miracles
86 months ago (permalink)

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roger.shorter says:

Thanks Luke I'll let Jeff know.

Thanks your thoughts Skykomish, we did take it to a local fabrication firm
to have a look at, in their opinion it was beyond repair. We may look to get a second opinion.
86 months ago (permalink)

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G4NLA1 says:

I know it might be a hassle with loss adjusters and paper work but wouldn't it make sense to to talk to your insurers ? They might know of an engineering company that could help you - as insurers they are likely to have had plenty of experience with this sort of problem..


86 months ago (permalink)

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sailing bye1 says:

Hi, There is a company called VIPER MARINE at Swansea Marina, he came to Watchet and repaired my pushpit after it was damaged by another boat.
We removed the pushpit, straightened and cut/added new pieces, all done in 1 day in 2008.
Try ringing 07854 801542
86 months ago (permalink)

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