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Rudder slipping after heavy weather

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DaveFarmer2012 says:

Hi, I have just been out to my Achilles 24 (WindRush) on her swinging mooring. The weather has been rough recently and we have not visited the boat for several weeks. We noticed that the rudder was misaligned with the tiller; initially we thought the cast block that joins the tiller to the rudder was slipping, however on further investigation it looks as if the steel shaft is slipping inside the rudder. When I try and remove the block from the top the whole shaft lifts up, I am worried that the whole thing may fall off as I do not know how the shaft is attached to the rudder.

I have a lift booked for next weekend so any advice would be useful. In particular how is the rudder fixed to the shaft? Should I remove the complete rudder? Any other suggestions or thought appreciated as I am new to Achilles. Thanks.
9:59AM, 27 May 2012 PDT (permalink)

busy home [deleted] says:

Not likely to be shaft in rudder moving .. possibly the solid bit on the top of the tube let go, The shaft is a tube on most with a soild bit on top,, Still a lift out and dig a pit !
You need to remove the lower pintle (rebush while out)
lower the rudder out.
Not a huge job,
89 months ago (permalink)

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NormanKlipspringer is a group administrator NormanKlipspringer says:

This sounds very similar to the problem that Richard had recently on my old boat Archimedes and that Dan had some time ago. Follow the links below:
Are we seeing the start of a spate of these failiures? Is it just on the hollow round shaft type which it was on the above links? Fatigue failiure after about 39 years of use???? Maybe we should all be concerned!!!! The links above discuss the questions you have raised. Don't delay or you might loose the rudder!!
Good luck Dave. Let us know the outcome.
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RJRopes says:

Hi Dave,

I have similar issues to what you're saying on Archimedes, as Norman says.

On investigation, I could lift up the tiller headstock and see the shaft inside lifting with it. This is because my shaft had snapped inside the rudder.

I have removed the shaft by taking the tiller off, and taken the rudder off (it dropped out when I removed the shaft, as it's only connected by the pintle at the bottom), so don't leave it very long without the shaft in or your rudder will walk away. It did seem to be OK when the shaft was in place, but it all depends on where it's broken.

The shaft had split at the top of the first strut in the rudder, where it is welded to the rudder shaft,

I've got to chop the back of the rudder off to get tot the shaft, grind the old shaft off, replace the shaft with a new one and weld it to the rudder, re-glass it to make it nice and smooth and the proper shape at the front again.

I've then got to fit it, which apparently means grinding the skeg to get to the bolts for the lower pintle, undoing them, which might or might not work, putting the rudder / stock in from the bottom, attaching the pintle back in, re-glassing the bottom and hey presto.

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DaveFarmer2012 says:

Thanks all for the advice, I can't do anything until Saturday when I will lift out; hoping rudder stays put until then as in quite deep water.
Will update at the weekend.
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pjbharrison says:

How did the job go, Dave?
Any photos?
85 months ago (permalink)

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