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Achilles 9M - Fuel/Water Tanks and Batteries

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Tranquillity1 says:


My Achilles 9m was originally completed as a kit and subsequent owners have all modified the layout. The location of my fuel and water tanks are not as per the original design and I currently have two batteries in the navigation foot well.

Now I have owned her for a few years, I feel the need to move tanks and batteries around. For example I have a fuel filler on deck but it is not connected to the fuel tank and the tank has no way of connecting it.

Before I start moving things around it would be interesting to know where other Achilles 9m have these located?


2:06AM, 26 February 2012 PDT (permalink)

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Red Marlin says:

Red Marlin was completed by Chris Butler but we have made some changes.
Fuel tank is behind the engine with a fuel filler up starboard side where the spinny winches are. Was carbon steel but had to replace it with SS a couple of years back as the old one had corroded on the seams.
Water tank was Crewsaver flexible one being in Lazarette in a purpose built tray and other in bilge with a valve in pipe under galley floor.
Had lots of problems so had hard plastic tanks made up in Turkey. One is complex shape that sits in bilge and other in rear cockpit locker under tiller that I believe was for a liferaft. Filler was on Port side by spinny winch. Now on top of cockpit tank. Works very well.
Batteries. Engine batttery is under quarterberth (gel). Original service battery was in a box in chart table foot well. With addition of an anchor winch and other electrics needed more capacity. Now have 2 x 200 amp gel under chart table seat (really sorry to lose that locker). Now have a big battery charger where the old battery was.
Can take pics if it would help. Boat in a mess at moment as I am varnishin inside and fitting new upholstery.
92 months ago (permalink)

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Amrum 9171Y says:

Photos would be very interesting. Good luck with the upholstery. My wife has finished the fore cabin and pilot berth on the 840 - just the main cabin to do. I'll post some pics soon. The mast is nearly ready to go back up - new standing rigging fitted, and the furler didn't need replacing, which saved a packet. Just the steaming light to fit, and replace a few other bits of the electrics. Then scraping off the anti fouling, which I started on Friday, and it went better than expected, although as horrible a job as farmer boy described.
92 months ago (permalink)

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Daddsie says:

Like Red, Rumrunners fuel tank is now S/S mounted low down behind the engine, the strainer and fuel filter is in the port cockpit locker along with battery No.2.

The water bag sits atop the fuel tank, a 2nd one was placed in the bilge,this was removed as we do not cruise Rumrunner.

Battery No.1 sits under the nav desk.
92 months ago (permalink)

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Super Snoopy 050 says:

Photos of Super Snoopy's filler ports and batteries added to Group. The fuel tank is plastic and is situated under the cockpit sole. I haven't found the water tank yet!
92 months ago (permalink)

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Tranquillity1 says:

Thanks for the info. If the tank is placed low down behind the engine, is an additional electric fuel pump needed? My current tank relies on gravity.
92 months ago (permalink)

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