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Is a keel count modification possible ?

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alouette43 says:

Hi, Has anyone ever attempted to modify a fin keel into a triple. If so with what level of success ? Have you got and lessons learned for those of us who cannot always dodge those mud-banks
1:39PM, 26 February 2012 PDT (permalink)

busy home [deleted] says:

Is alouette no, 43?
If so and looking at the photos shes the early deep keel .
The tripple keel is shallower than the later fin,and bulb type
So yours is six inches deeper than a tripple.
Still I see no big problem doing the job, but bear in mind the load sailing will be more than a standard tripple.
get some templates off a tripple and deepen them but allow two or three inches clearance at rest . ie not touching the ground .
reinforce the attachment points well .
remember the full weight is never taken on them.
90 months ago (permalink)

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