Slycat777 11:58am, 23 December 2011
I'm going to replace the sheets of wood that currently close off the companionway. I had to modify them earlier in the year to accomodate the new box I put in place in the cockpit and now the configuration is prone to leaking.

I considered that some sort of perspex sheet might be a neater solution than wood. At least it would require less yearly maintenance! Any suggestions for a material that would make good siders?

I think I'll just use a single largish sheet.
rothwell_neil 7 years ago
12mm perspex, slot routered in. Very pleased as lets lots of light in when closed.
Slycat777 7 years ago
Nice!!! Thanks.
blueachilles 7 years ago
Neil's perspex does look good. I would recommend making it in three pieces rather than two, as we have done (ours is the older design with no bridge deck, i.e. the deeper doorway) because its easier to stow.
rothwell_neil 7 years ago
Cuts really easily with circular saw, set to just over the thickness of the perspex, apparently you need the shallow saw angle, whatever it works!
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