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Painting a steel keel

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rothwell_neil says:

As many know the keel is a pain to keep rust free. I decided with Paladin (same principle as an A24, lots of steel hanging down below) that I am going to try a nice clean start and see how it goes. First thing will be sand blast to bare metal with a nice rough profile. technically looking for an SA2.5 finish, that is a certain roughness to a standard profile to a professional paint shop and rust free and rough to us boatyard types.

Having a passing interest in rust and the north sea I have always been impressed with both International and Hempel epoxy paints having tested them many times in a previous life. Hempel make good paint and they are very competitively priced products.

So I spoke to the nice man at Hempel and the advise for the perfect keel is as follows:

If the keel is being blasted great, if not then try and get the area well abraded and clean prior to application.
The system would be as follows.

1. Light Primer (epu) thinned 20%
2. 2 pack epoxy filler for fairing off any defects
3. Light Primer (epu) full coat
4. Light Primer (epu) full coat
5. Underwater Primer (tie coat)
6. Antifouling
7. Antifouling

This is a really good system for the keel giving great protection.

Words from the manufacturers themselves. Will follow this and report back, hopefully in about 5 years that all is good in the keel department. Light primer EPU is their 2 pack epoxy for priming and undercoats. Interestingly neither Hempel or International recommend their 2 pack epoxy top coat for keels.

PS. Technical description of SA2.5
Very thorough blast cleaning: Near white metal 85% clean
The surface shall be free from visible oil, dirt and grease, from poorly adhering mill scale, rust, paint coatings and foreign matter. The metal has a greyish colour.
Any traces of contamination shall be visible only as slight stains in the form of spots or stripes.
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