Merlin9009 3:51pm, 18 October 2011
I have a slightly damaged stem on my 840. The plan I have is to fill, grind, polish paint the damage to the stem.
However I intend to make a stem protection plate and therefore I need to create a shape similar to the Stem.
I have thought about using papier-mache to make a "negative" of the Stem shape and then using that to create a template/former to try and bend some thin sheet around for the final article.
Still with me?
If so then is there any suggestions out there better than the above
farmer boy 7 years ago
Maybe try using expanding foam?
Never done it on a yacht but - if you created a simple (cardboard?) shuttering and then use one of the foam guns with the better quality foam - (you can get different stuff that expands different amounts) - inject into the shuttering and, when cured, clean up with filler and you should have a decent template. Probably a good idea to use some release agent on the stern!
.......or get a sheet of lead (roofing supplies) and beat it to the shape of the hull and use that as a template?

.......or just build up the shape with fiberglass? ie use the stern as the mould.

Maybe papier mache is easier!
pjbharrison Posted 7 years ago. Edited by pjbharrison (member) 7 years ago
Maybe use some aluminum plate. Don't think it would be easy to beat into final shape. Use cardboard to make templates. Cut to shape and weld. I think I remember Neil had a topic on aluminum welding.
Red Marlin 7 years ago
I had oned fitted to my 9 metre this year by the yard in Cesme. I had a problem with my new spade anchor and bow roller - the tip of the anchor was chipping the paint on the bow. A thin sheet of SS was wrapped round the bow and screwed into place. It is a common fitting out here for charter boats, they moor up bows to and hit the dock. I could photograph it if it would help.
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