It's official

welkman001 6:42pm, 15 October 2011
Money has changed hands, outboard is in the garden and delivery is iminent :). Compressor purchased, sandblaster at the ready , camera charged and loaded ready for action. Delivery is going to be from upton on the broads to walton on the naze, getting out of the broads at gt Yarmouth the week after next. Will post pics asap and hopefully write about the successful delivery.............. if I don't attract a storm this time.
Skykomish E29 7 years ago
looking forward to it
Andrew Curry 7 years ago
All the best with the new boat. You will find the achilles very rewarding to sail. Looking forward to the pictures of the rebuild.
welkman001 7 years ago
First thing was that the outboard was dead! Have got the manual of the internet and stripped it down to find two electrical components had gone (pulsar coil and cpu) yamaha wanted £150 for them. As luck would have it I found a similar 4hp short shaft that had hit the bottom and had its leg broken which I picked up for £50. It all looks great and even has the upmarket charging pack, the only difference is that it is a top fill model rather than a external tank. Do you guys prefer an external tank or a top fill? I need to decide which to keep and which to put on the shelf for parts.
Amelie (Bazzo-nl) 7 years ago
I use two external (Yamaha) tanks. When one tank is (almost) empty, i switch de tube to the other 12l. tank. I have a total of 24l. euro 95 on board.
I guess the top-filler leaves you with very few gasoline...doesn't it? Or is it your intention to cary one or more jerrycans with extra gasoline?
rothwell_neil 7 years ago
I had an external tank in rear locker, worked well for me as never used the outboard in the dinghy, only advantage of the top fill would be if you wanted to use it in the dinghy as well?
NormanKlipspringer 7 years ago
Integral tank also makes the negine much heavier to lift if there is fuel in the tank. Much easier to top up an external tank even when the engine is running.
farmer boy 7 years ago
Mine can run on "either / or" There is a little tap to select the appropriate tank - I assumed most were like this?
Skykomish E29 7 years ago
We ran AEOLUS on an external tank, if you ever have to run the engine for any long period of time you will find it a blessing. We in fact used a similar system to Amelie. On one unforgettable trip where we had to fight the tide we got through a full external tank in 30 miles and 9 exhausting hours, head to wind .
Experience also dictated that we had to carry a lot of fuel as many marinas do not have petrol and so you cannot rely on getting it. so any extended periods of engine use results in an anxious time with mental arithmetic calculating fuel consumption over fuel carried. An integral tank is perhaps a good way to ensure that you have a small back up supply, but realistically you will find that it will not hold enough for any extended cruising.
blueachilles 7 years ago
I agree with Malcolm; we use the integral tank as a reserve, and have an external tank plus a spare can in the lazarette.

Having run out of fuel once on an occasion when we really, really didn't want to, we now ensure we have a safety margin!
welkman001 7 years ago
ok, so I need to move the fuel pump over to the new engine. Can't be that hard.... we shall see. Thanks for the responces, will let you know how I get on, they sent the spare parts in a package marked 'livestock feed every 6 hours' which put a smile on my face.
welkman001 7 years ago
Well the boat is back. Rebuilt the engines last week and made one working one as well as salvaging a fuel keg and fittings to allow me to run the engine for more than an hour before refilling. Went up to the northern broads on sat morning and left upton at 0930 with the wife in order to make low water slack through the infamous breydon water. Was a long trip (7 hours) to get to lowestoft and oulton broad. There was one highly hairy moment coming out the lower bure where the tide was doing about 4 knots and I had very little control over the boat! After an evening taking in the sights and sounds of lowestoft and watching the fireworks all around oulton broad we went to bed only to be woken by a F7 at aout 0300 which made the mooring quite uncomfortable as we were on a wall and the boat kept trying to knock the wall down. In the morning we met the haubour master and also the lock keeper and arranged to lock through to lake lothing and lowestoft haubour. One more bridge awaited us and after calling port control we were allowed passage through and into the Royal Norfolk and suffolk yacht club. Now due to work I had to meet my mate who had agreed, for a fee, to do the sea part of the trip single handed, and with a F5-6 N and a 0300 tide we needed to move fairly quickly to step the mast and check over the rig. I got the call at 11 today to say the boat was safley back and had sustained surfs of 13 knots on the way under poled out genoa! Now the boat is coming out the water for a bit of TLC before going back in for april. So far im loving it.
welkman001 7 years ago
see photos I added to the group pool for a picture of the boat as we were leaving
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