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farmer boy says:

I got a Bruce 7.5 Kg with the boat and I have just unraveled all of the rope and chain and it measures 50 yds of rope and 8 yards of chain. Does not seem a lot of chain to me. I seem to remember there is a "rule" about the chain being 2 or is it 3 times the length of the boat - or am I confused?

Also is the anchor big enough at 7.5 Kg?

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jendave1 says:

The more chain & heavier anchor the better for anchoring, but the extra weight is a drawback. I think you might be confusing 'boat length' with 'depth of water'.
The chain weight will help the anchor lie flat along the sea-bed, and reduce any chafing of rope along the bottom. You really need to be looking for at least 4 times depth 'scope' (length of chain/rope out) for a good chance of holding, let out more if you drag or think you might.
What you have should hold you on a good bed up to 10m depth, but shallower would be better. Watch out for swinging room!
I think the Bruce is about the right size for the boat, but if you're going to be doing a lot of anchoring I would go for a second anchor of a different type (CQR or 'new generation' if you've got the money!), and add more chain. An all chain rode weighs more and you need less length for the same effect.
From memory, RYA says 4 x depth for chain & 6 x depth for rope.
Complicated subject with lots of different opinions, we end up at anchor most of the time being too tight to pay mooring fees. Then again we have nice sandy anchorages round here, muddy bottoms, weed & rock are harder to deal with...
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rothwell_neil says:


Entering the black art here with lots of differing opinions. I guess it all comes down to when and where you anchor. If you go with rope you will need to put out a 7:1 ration of total length to maximum depth. If you go chain you will need 4:1 ratio. All about keeping the pull on the anchor parallel to the ground.

The next question is when to anchor, springs in the NW can be up to a 9M tidal range, thus to have water at all time need to anchor where minimum will be 2M and that means that at high tide will be 11M of water. If you go bit of chain and rope you will need a total of 77M of scope (ignore the bit above the water on an Achilles as it is so low!

If this were at Neaps you only have a tidal range of 2.8M so total water of 4.8M and thus a scope of 34M.

If you used chain then you would need 44M of chain (40M plus bit of rope in my case) or 19M at neaps.

Assume Irish Sea where we have good holding in mud, Bruce will be good but when it gets fresh you will need more scope to keep pull parallel.

The theory is that chain is heavy and this is in the front where it shouldn't be, the other side is that at 77M of rope you swing one hell of a long way when the tide or wind changes and this could put you ashore in half the anchorages I use!

So I like chain and Emily has 40M of chain and a 10M length of rope to stop the snatching of the chain in a blow. This meant that on springs I always felt secure and at neaps I put less out. I also feel that I sleep more deeply when on chain as happy with the tackle.

Palladin has 10M of chain and will be getting a further 30M added to that to make a total of 40M. If you want to buy some I don't think it will add anything to the shipping when I get mine.

However, if the question is 'is 8M of chain enough' then yes it will be fine so long as you put out enough rope as well. For springs in the Irish sea on a calm day then 50yds will suffice, if it starts blowing then no you will need some more. For neaps this will be plenty.
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farmer boy says:

Neil, Hmmm.......... another vipers nest! I think I will just do what you do. Can you add some chain for me on your order please? I guess I will need some attachment things as well? ie chain to anchor and chain to rope..... splicing is a black art as far as I am concerned. I need to sort out how it is all attached at the pointy end as well.... I guess that is open to a variety of methods as well? I think I need to be confident that I will stay put!

Many thanks...

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Red Marlin says:

We have a 47 foot brand new boat in the marina purchased for 400,000 pds. Supplied with it was a 20 kg Bruce and 30 metres of chain. Criminal.
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Skykomish E29 says:

You could always use an anchor "Angel", this is a weight that is connected to the line and dropped overboard, this then in effect keeps the anchor line flat on the sea bed.
Just saves carrying a lot of chain on a small boat
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