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Little Plum - Refit - Ideas Help and Advice please..

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G4NLA1 says:


I plan to give Little Plum a bit of a refit early next year and need to bounce some ideas around. Any help or advice would be most gratefully received !

1) Anti-fouling.

When I had her lifted for her annual bath I had a good look at the existing anti-foul. It is still doing its job, she wasn't at all badly weeded - one small bunch of barnacles. No one down here at the marina can remember when she was last anti-fouled. I think the paint used was of the 'soft' variety. If you rub your hand along it when it is wet you get a black hand. I have two options - a) Rub it down and fill where needed and apply a couple of coats of some soft anti-foul. b) Get the yard to blast the lot off with their eco-friendly blasting system down to the gel coat, make good, and then apply a primer and a couple of coats of maybe the hard stuff. In theory it should last longer.

I was trying to estimate how much primer/anti-foul I would need. Then realised I was being a bit of an idiot, because you guys do it all the time and can probably give me a far better estimate.

By way of a diversion, local theory here in Portishead is that you get your hull de-weeded every time you go through the lock and certainly while you are being sanded down by all the sand,grit and gunk in the Bristol Channel water.

2) Topsides

Have faded a bit, I tried a sample of a product they are selling at Force-4 on a bit of the hull, and it came up lovely. It seems to work a little bit like T-CUT. So I am going to try that approach.

3) Rubbing Strake

I am planning on rubbing it down and applying Danish Oil. I swear by the stuff - It doesn't flake or go funny colours like varnish.

4) Companion way shutters.

One of my mates works in a place where they cut perspex and he says he can make up replacements, with bevelled edges where they meet, and make up a tidy aperture for the ventilation grill. He says I can probably manage to drill the holes to fit a clasp for the padlock myself.

5) Deck level life lines.

I am going to fit them - it is OK out in the Bristol Channel most of the time, but when it gets choppy it gets very steep and choppy.

6) Spray Hood & Dodgers

I have asked for a quote for a new spray hood kit and dodgers from Garland. I don't mind getting wet, it is all part of the fun as far as I am concerned, but there is the crew to consider.

7) Saloon

All the purple ( yes DEEP PURPLE ! ) yucky stick on vinyl has got to go. I will replace it with a more neutral colour. Britt suggested black as she swears it will be my final resting place. Might be handy for chalking nav notes on I suppose. Seriously I will probably go for a light matt grey. The varnish down below is all looking very tired, so I think I will paint that in a slightly darker matt grey.

8) Headlining

You guessed it PURPLE. It is all coming out. In the past I have replaced old headlining with tongue and groove around a thin king plank running down the centre of the saloon. I don't think that is going to work on an A24. However I might be able to get the same sort of effect with strips of 30 x 1.5mm Birch faced plywood. Or use larger sheets of the same stuff with thin black lines running fore-and aft to give the same effect. Unless you can get hold of plywood with that effect ? It might make the saloon look a bit longer.
I can use the existing headlining boards as templates.

I don't want to use vinyl again for the headlining, the stupid stuff always wants to part company with the underlying surface. As a matter of interest how deep is the balsa core in the saloon deck head ?

9) Lighting - Strange to relate this is not purple. One red night light and a rather harsh fluorescent job. I will keep the red one, because I quite like it at night - but will install a few 12V lights from B & Q or a caravan shop.

10) Chart Table. I stopped using the chart table as,well, a chart table, because it clutters up the saloon when sailing. So I shove the port mattress as far up out of the way as I can and have a board on the berth. This tends to mean that I end up on my knees, apparently praying, while doing navigation work. Praying is probably more effective than some of my navigation skills.. but it is hard on the knees. So I am going to construct something a little more practical.

11) Windows. They are NOT pretty, but they don't leak.. So I am going to leave them alone.

Any thoughts ?


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Skykomish E29 says:

Hi Geeeee
For what it is worth I shall let you know what we did on Aeolus when we had her.
We preferred soft antifoul as it is self eroding and requires less work when it comes to re doing. Also you cannot put hard A/F on Soft so you will have to COMPLETELY strip the old or put some sort of barrier coat on.
There is no real advatage to using hard antifoul if you do not intend to race her.
We had a triple keel and used about 2.5 litres.
Dark anitfoul is thought to be better than light .
We used T cut to polish Aeolus , not recommended for frequent use as you will eventually go through the Gel coat but as an initial means of restoring the hull it is cheap and does a great job see photo www.flickr.com/photos/8644331@N08/3162775639/in/photostream
Also check out our photos around this one as it involves the refit that we conducted at the time.
I gave up on Danish oil as it needs constant re application every month to maintain the nice look.
This also did not score too highly for longevity in Classic Boat's test of wood finishes.
We belt sanded the rubbing strake and then gave it three coats of varnish which lasted the season. Varnish does not go funny if maintained and proper UV resistant product is used. A boat near us swears by two pack varnish as it only requires a couple of coats, whereas conventional yacht varnish needs 6-8 coats but is about 3 times the price so swings and roundabouts really
5) I assume you mean jack stays these should always be fitted and used, We fitted new webbing ones to Skykomish this year, but had cables on Aeolus. You should not rely on guard rails to stop an unscheduled visit to the "green room" and always clip in when going forward, I know some members will disagree but that is the policy that we have on our boat.
Webbing straps should be replaced every three years apparently due to possible UV degradation and always remove when the boat is not in service to prolong their life.

Headlining: This has been covered by other members and replaced quite successfully most have opted for the vinyl route though the original was thin ply face with a planking effect. You obviously will not be able to replace it as the original as that was put in in a single panel before the hull was joined to the topside. Ron ( Chille) would be a good source of information for this as he has refitted many A24s now but other members as I have said have gone for vinyl and it looks very good.
Lighting: LEDs every time I bought a couple of 12V LED lights online with "warm White" bulbs and they are brilliant creating nice lighting for under our units on Skykomish, however an A24 is smaller and so you could get away with caravan LEDS (don't go for the halogen option as these get hot and use a lot more power) we had these on Aeolus as LEDs were not as available as they are now and we would have swapped the halogen bulbs for these had we have kept the boat.. We put caravan spot lights on the ply shelf fronts to good effect, these were cheap on line and though halogen you can replace the bulbs with LED units which may be cheaper than buying LED units from scratch E bay is a good source for this lighting.
Good Luck as I said we carried out a pretty extensive yet budget conscious refit of Aeolus so may be worth looking through our photos
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farmer boy says:

Hi Gee, I have done, pretty much, all of the stuff you plan to do and found all the guys on here VERY helpful and saved me hours of grief and probably a lot of time and money! Much of what I did is in my photostream (just click on the my pic) and although the renovation came to a shuddering halt, when wifey insisted I sort out our house, I am girding my loins to attack it again.

I must admit it has taken far longer than I anticipated and I am sure I have tried to do far more than was strictly necessary but by the time I am finished I think it will be safe and comfortable (ish).

I still have some reservations about the lack of headroom and have had an excursion or two trying to start a relationship (affair?) with an alternative yacht that I can stand up in and sporting indoor plumbing; but everything in my price range was in need of a refurb... do not want to start again! I am amazed how poor most of the yachts for sale are - most do not seem to bother even cleaning them up for sale!

The best tips I got from the guys on here were:

1. Caustic soda mixed with wallpaper paste to soften the old antifoul - came off a dream!
2. LED lighting all round to save amps (Neil is the expert)
3. Painting the headlining with cream vinyl paint - looks fine and much brighter.
4. Fold away bracket for the instruments.
5. Farecla for the top sides - really shiny and good for UV.
6. A squillion coats of varnish was beyond my patience - so oil is had to be.
7. Sprayhood wise - Ridiculously expensive (£700) send me a message - I had a bit of a problem which you may be interested to hear about.

oh and I added a couple of mirrors which make the place brighter as well.. hmmm... maybe a mirrored ceiling would have been nice - better than purple methinks. Good luck with it all.
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rothwell_neil says:

Rubbing strake and grab rails, I got fed up of varnish and use oil, beauty is that it takes 5 minutes to do the boat and looks good for a few weeks, better value for effort than the effort for varnish.

Thought about perspex and no varnishing so would be good but may wake up earlier because of light. I never bothered with curtains as the Solway doesn't have enough people to ever look in!

Life lines good, I use climbing tape as good value www.gooutdoors.co.uk/allcord-26mm-tape-on-reel-p135536

Sprayhood and dodgers yes to both

B&Q now sell acrylic eggshell and this is good for headlining, inside of glassfibre/lockers etc. Paint existing headling in cream brightens everything up.

LEDs are a must for interior lights and nav lights, along with a solar panel and short periods of motor charging I manage the whole season without charging the battery.

Chart table for charts and preparing food works well, across the middle or on one side.
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G4NLA1 says:

Hi, thanks everyone !

I have got the headlining issue resolved.. My next door neighbour is a carpenter and he has showed me how achieve the outcome I want using very standard strips of 3mm shaped timber ( he had a similar problem on his narrow boat). The most useful idea being that each 30mm wide strip is fitted individually length wise - so no struggling with getting panels of ply down below. It also doesn't matter quite so much when I muck up the curves at the deck head edges.. I can have as many goes as I like until I get it right. He has offered to get hold of the timber and get me 'proper' brass screws and cups. He is all for Danish oil too.. as he pointed out the area involved is tiny and can be done in a spare half hour or so.

He is coming down to LP to look at the rubbing strake to see what sort of timber it is and make a recommendation about treatment. He is also going to have a think about my chart table problem - he calls it 'furniture engineering' - and a bit of a challenge.

I agree about jack stays - but I did leave it to my crew to some extent as they can also be a trip hazard. However, I have decided that it is by far the safest way to go, and for the price, will give me huge piece of mind.

I am an electronics engineer, and am currently contracted to a company that is involved in power control - and lighting. 'Don't buy anything Gee - we will get you really nice brass effect 12V LED samples!! '


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G4NLA1 says:

I have had a quote for a new spray hood and frame from Garland ( based in Bristol ) for £680.00 (ish)..

I think Quays Marinas might have quite definite 'views' on using Caustic Soda and wall paper paste due to their green policies. Sounds like a brilliant idea though. Mind you I suppose if you diluted it enough when it was washed off it might be ok. Seems cheap too ( always my preferred option ).


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G4NLA1 says:

I showed Chris ( My tame chippy ) the chart table idea - and he can make me a similar version. It will be easier for him to make it look with rounded edges and beading.


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G4NLA1 says:

Well that is the Spray Hood and Dodgers ordered from Garland Sails,
and a rather smart looking (even though I so so myself ) cruising chute from Crusader Sails.

Tons of other stuff to do and get quotes for...


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NormanKlipspringer is a group administrator NormanKlipspringer says:

I'm just counting up how much you have spent and Christmas not yet here. What is the size of the crusader cruising chute?
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