Andrew Curry 4:05pm, 18 July 2011
Its my club regatta on Sat which is usually the only time i race Amaryllis these days. Have a good crew for the day and as we will be in the white sail class two onboard will be more than enough. Any tips out there that will help us finish at the top end of the fleet?
Daddsie 7 years ago
A good start, sail your own race, dont pinch, have confidence in yourself and your crew, have your acceptance speach ready!

Good luck
craig48uk 7 years ago
Second what Daddsie says, but in addition I'd add keep in clear air. No point spending time in another boats dirty air!
Also, when going downwind keep a weather eye out to where the stronger winds are and position yourself in front of them when appropriate. Too many people concentrate their weather eye on the upwind legs and switch off downwind.
Slycat777 7 years ago
Do a few practice starts before the event. You sail all the time so plenty of practice there but starts are a bit specialised.
lukeeole 7 years ago
play the sails dont just pull them in and forget about the, very import with the kite to get the most of it
Andrew Curry Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Andrew Curry (member) 7 years ago
What a fun day. Had good force 5 from the the north with a big sea with breaking waves. Did not win any trophys this time but finished up near the front of the fleet. John (451jd1) in Ennis was flying and finished a couple of minutes ahead of me. In our class which was white sail PY 1076 and above four Achilles took part finished and 1st ,2nd,3rd and 5th on the water.
busy home [deleted] 7 years ago
Well done,,,
craig48uk 7 years ago
Congratulations, sounds like 24 weather!
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