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Evenstar update

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Slycat777 says:

So, the big update on Evenstar.

I'm glad to say she's now on the water and saling well. Huge thanks to all at this group, especially those who helped in a very hands on way to get the boat on the water, picking out a new mast for me and even sending me replacement parts to fix problems.

So, heres a few general before/after shots:

Deck before:

DSCF1883 by Slycat777

Deck after:

IMAG0295 by Slycat777

Cockpit before:

DSCF1885 by Slycat777

Cockpit after:

IMAG0294 by Slycat777

Cabin inside before:

Cabin roof before by Slycat777

Cabin in side after:

Cabin roof after by Slycat777

Old mast:

Mast - Forestay fixing by Slycat777

New mast:

IMAG0302 by Slycat777

The general summary of work is:

Boat desk filled and sanded to smooth and totally painted

DSCF1884 by Slycat777

Winches refurbished with new pawls. Had to use 5 chisels to get them off in the first place. Thanks for the teatowl and hot water trick!

IMAG0297 by Slycat777

New traveller system installed with new blocks:

IMAG0298 by Slycat777

New cockpit dodgers made from scratch. Didnt fancy paying 120 quid for a set! Material cost 30 quid:

IMAG0296 by Slycat777

Liferaft, 2 duoys and danbuoy installed:

IMAG0295 by Slycat777

Wiring totally gutted and wired from scratch with new switch panel and bus bar:

IMAG0300 by Slycat777

New main fuse and isolator switch installed. Battery moved from cockpit locker to under a V. berth

Old mast step removed, new mast step installed. Old VHF aerial gland removed, new 'through deck gland' installed.

IMAG0299 by Slycat777

New holes drilled, then filled, then drilled again for cabin top handles.

IMAG0093 by Slycat777

Fixed VHF installed

Cushions covered, floorboards sanded/varnished and cabin floor painted:

IMAG0284 by Slycat777


evenstar by Slycat777

Boat launched and in place in Ballycastle:

IMAG0311 by Slycat777

2:01AM, 5 July 2011 PDT (permalink)

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NormanKlipspringer is a group administrator NormanKlipspringer says:

Thanks for that summary and well done. She is looking great - a vast improvement.
100 months ago (permalink)

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Xantho582 says:

Congrats on the good job Slycat! Nice to see her on the water.
100 months ago (permalink)

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b.mercer says:

She looks really good ! Now enjoy sailing her ...!
100 months ago (permalink)

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