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Engine woes!

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widgeon2011 says:

Sailing is wonderful it’s a relaxing peaceful pastime. Until you go to push the start button on the 30+ year old Dolphin Engine with a sickening feeling in the pit of the stomach wondering will it start, will it run long enough to get me in etc? After many years of coaxing the Dolphin along I’m seriously considering making some changes and looking at all the options to replacing the engine. I know there have been many discussions here about inboard and outboards and where to place an outboard. I’m considering an outboard hung on the stern. Cost is one of the main reasons the cost of replacing the inboard with a more modern inboard is prohibitive considering a new engine would be about or greater than the value of the boat by the time it has been installed. And then there is the cost of having a well made which may also be prohibitive in terms of cost and time. So what i’m really asking does anybody have an outboard fitted in this way? How does it all work out considering the long reach needed to actually handle the engine over the stern lockers? Any tips for fitting the engine bracket? And lastly does anybody have any pictures of this set up? Any answers greatly appreciated!
5:49AM, 22 June 2011 PDT (permalink)

busy home [deleted] says:

An outboard on the stern is never in the water when its needed.
(in a chop)....
the Dolphin will not be a problem only the electrics.
Get a new carb ,, cd ignition ,, dynaostart,, and clean tank. Ring them up!
My mate had one in an Invicta for 18 yrs ,never a problem .
The sweetest lightest 12 hp 2t ever made,,
(ive been a mechanic over 40yrs)
100 months ago (permalink)

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NormanKlipspringer is a group administrator NormanKlipspringer says:

Have a look at the previous discussions linked from this page www.achillesyachts.co.uk/page9.html. Especiall;y look at the discussion on'over the back or in the well'. I agree with Ron. On the transom is fine in an emergency when all else fails or you only sail in calm waters, but in any kind of sea the prop will be out of the water all too easily. It would be possible to fit the outboard on the transom with remote controls to make using it a lot easier.
100 months ago (permalink)

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