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Saloon layout..

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G4NLA1 says:

Hi all...

I have noticed that, as usual, Little Plum seems different to other A24s. The galley layout on LP is sink on the starboard side, the cooker gimble arrangement being to port..

I was wondering whether the A24 was ever sold as a kit, and for reasons beyond my imagination her original owner decided to do it that way about. I can't imagine that Butler Mouldings would have decided to fit out LP the other way around simply for fun.

Are there other A24s out there with this saloon configuration ?

LP is a bit lonely at the moment, she is the only A24 in Portishead marina..


12:41PM, 13 May 2011 PDT (permalink)

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NormanKlipspringer is a group administrator NormanKlipspringer says:

Yes the Achilles was supplied as a kit. There were different levels of finish and price. Have a look at the specifications for the kits with origional prices for the Achilles and Sparta on the following link(bottom of page):
Chris Butler has also said that many factory finished boats were altered to customer specifics, so a wide variety of internal arrangements can be found, although most of the differences are relavively minor since given the size only so much is possible.
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G4NLA1 says:

Thank you very much Norman - made very interesting reading - especially the prices !!


102 months ago (permalink)

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